2018 Range Rover loses that fly away vent trim at back of hood (bonnet), gains new contour lines

Gerry McGovern mentioned this in his reveal talk, the vent trim at the back of the hood is gone.  It had been known(first hand) to fly off some Range Rovers at speed and disappear in car washes.


Wow, didn’t realize how slow the touchscreens in the ALL NEW Range Rover & Range Rover Sport were!

Video review below cued up to the touchscreen review – look how long it takes for the AV screen to appear after hitting the button – what year is this? 2002?  No wait, it’s the “ALL NEW” 2014 Range Rover Sport.


And same for the Range Rover in this comparison between it, an A8 and the new S-Class.  The Range Rover is an amazing vehicle and the review is clear that it was their car of the year BUT it just fails completely when you compare the tech with the older A8 and the new S-Class.  It’s embarrassing.

Can you believe how slow it is in responding, how is the GPS screen not appearing instantaneously – or at least give some kind of loading indicator?  Instead it seems you press the button and wait a second.

And something I’ve complained about since they first revealed it in 2010 – the drivers virtual gauge cluster.  When you compare the graphics to what Mercedes is doing with the exact same tech it is…  Can you guess?  EMBARASSING!

Rumors of a big upgrade coming for 2015 are hopefully true, but knowing Land Rover it will probably be 2012 tech.

While still on the fence – it’s this picture that’s pushing me towards a Range Rover vs. a new Range Rover Sport

Decisions, decisions – It’s like 2004 all over again! 

Extremely impressed with the new Range Rover Sport, so much so that I’m actually considering one.  It does look even better in person, the overly Evoque cues seems to diminish in real life.

But after seeing this image from the 65th Anniversary celebration:


All I see is an Evoque on the left and a Range Rover on the right.  To the point where I have to actually study the vehicle on the left because a somewhat quick glance just looks like an Evoque to me.

Is it just a bad color choice for this image?  Is it the visual proximity to the Range Rover? 

Or is it just a big Evoque?

Another great retro ad from Land Rover for the All-new Range Rover

Now this is one I regret not thinking of, it’s so obvious and so well executed.  Also based on one of my favorite Land Rover print advertisements of all time.

If it's so great why do we keep changing it 2013

And the ad that it’s based on:

If it's so great why do we keep changing it

Reverse Retro Range Rover Advertisement, Take that!

So Land Rover wants people to think they’re the only ones doing cool retro ads.  Now I’ve got something even newer – Reverse Retro!

The latest 2013 Range Rover Advert: Overprepared but Never Underdressed


And the OVALNEWS Reverse Retro: Overprepared but Never Underdressed (1970)



P.S. I don’t think overprepared is a word.