Range Rover Family Portrait, 2013

It seems this picture hasn’t been posted much.  It’s a great one.

A Range Rover with two other vehicles… Hehe, only kidding.


2013 Range Rover Cut-A-Way in Pictures #RangeRover

My dealer has one of the cut-a-way Range Rovers, and I took some pictures while I was there today.  We’ve all seen the pics and videos before, but it was neat to finally see it in person.

They also had the new F-Type there, I liked it before but I really loved it in person.

L405-cutaway (7)

L405-cutaway (22)L405-cutaway (14)

L405-cutaway (1)L405-cutaway (2)L405-cutaway (3)L405-cutaway (4)L405-cutaway (5)L405-cutaway (6)L405-cutaway (8)L405-cutaway (9)L405-cutaway (10)L405-cutaway (11)L405-cutaway (12)L405-cutaway (13)L405-cutaway (15)L405-cutaway (16)L405-cutaway (17)L405-cutaway (18)L405-cutaway (19)L405-cutaway (20)L405-cutaway (21)

At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise you hear in this new Range Rover… #PartyLikeIts1965


“At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Range Rover comes from the roar of the engine.”

The British have always driven on the wrong side of the road. (2013) #RangeRover


You’re about to see luxury become a necessity. (2013) #RangeRover