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JLR Q4 Results – More Range Rovers are being made!!

Honestly the only numbers I still care about are Range Rover sales – I think they make other cars but would have to check.  I should have posted this last month!

Historical comparisons, all quarters to date at the time.


Sept 2021, FY22 – 8099

Sept 2022, FY23 – 10717


Dec 2021, FY22 – 10861

Dec 2022, FY23 – 14076


March 2022, FY22 – 6216

March 2023, FY23 – 18745


Production is increasing, still need to beat monster FY19, Q3 – 20259 Range Rovers

Make it happen JLR!

2023-05-15T19:17:19-04:00May 6, 2023|

TSB: “Smart Key Not Found” on 2023 Range Rover and others

– A customer may report that the smart key remotes intermittently do not unlock/lock the vehicle, or the message “Smart Key Not Found” displayed on the instrument cluster

Technical Description
– Possible faulty Radio Frequency Receiver located above the headliner
– This is not a RFA module issue and the RFA module should not be replaced

– Using TOPIx Diagnostic workflows, the system can identify if the RFR receiver is at fault and if it requires replacement.
– SSM 75941 / SSM75942 have been released for this concern


2023-05-15T19:17:21-04:00April 30, 2023|
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