More on the N598 Defender X Smoked Tail lights Recall

The great guys at Powerful UK made a video of the actual fault – really cool stuff.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) safety campaign 21V435000 covers 2,622 units of the Land Rover Defender, made from July 15, 2020 to May 26, 2021, all fitted with the OEM smoked tail lights.

The bulletin states, “Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC (Land Rover) is recalling certain 2020-2022 Defender X vehicles equipped with smoked rear light assemblies. A voltage spike, triggered by a bright light shining on the rear of the vehicle, can cause the turn signals, brake lights, and tail lights to fail.”.

Dealers will replace the rear light assemblies, free of charge. Owner notification letters are expected to be mailed August 3, 2021. Owners can contact Land Rover customer service at 1-800-637-6837. Land Rover’s number for this recall is N598.

More from the Safety Recall Report:

A concern has been identified on 2020 to 2022MY Defender X vehicles which are specified with smoked rear lamp assemblies. Should an intense light source shine directly on the rear of an affected vehicle at a certain angle, the stop, turn signal and/or tail lamp may experience a photovoltaic over-voltage event, and cease to function. In the case of turn signals and stop lamps, the condition resets without driver intervention and operation will resume absent of the
intense light source. In the case of tail lamp operation, the lamps will extinguish until power feed is cycled such as an ignition off/on or turning the lamps off and then on at the lighting control switch. Where the rear lamp system fails to illuminate, other road users will not be aware of the vehicle may be slowing down, stopping, or changing direction.
During darkness, where the tail lamps have extinguished, following drivers may not realize the presence of a vehicle ahead. Each of these failed state conditions will increase the risk of a crash.

The supplier reported an intense source of light in direct line with the smoked rear lamp vertical and
horizontal axes would cause a reverse voltage condition created by photovoltaic behaviour within the light
emitting diode (LED) components of the rear lamps. During an over-voltage event, the self-protection logic of
the rear lamp system will turn off the rear lamp when over-voltage is detected in order to protect the electrical
circuits from damage.

Next Range Rover appears to drop the roof crossbeam for wide open views

It’s possible they add the crossbeam as a separate part from the main body. I’m going hope it’s gone and the next Range Rover, L460, gets even more glass. It’s also possible that this is what a fixed glass roof looks like vs. a roof that slides open.

Also don’t forget we might be seeing some of that Continental Intelligent Glass Control up there

Does anyone have a BIW pic of the L405 for rear side window size comparison? The one past the C pillar, I can’t remember what they call it – DLO or something?

Does Pivi stand for Plugin In-Vehicle Infotainment?

That is all.

Is the next Range Rover getting Bluetooth headphones?

Looks like the FCC short-term confidentiality expired for the HEM module coming in the next Range Rover(L460). It feels like an oversight because this appears to be the only thing recently detailed publicly.

This could just be the Bluetooth receiver for the car but they are calling it the “Headphone Emitter Module” DS-L460-150401-E01-21

Not overly interesting but fun when info slips out, even a little peak of the L460 in engineering diagram form:


The whole Jaguar Land Rover Reimagine thing – are these teases of next Range Rover or just current models under the silk?

All cool stuff and you can read about it anywhere else

Official site: https://media.jaguarlandrover.com/news/2021/02/jaguar-land-rover-reimagines-future-modern-luxury-design



I’m assuming a relatively low-res image on purpose…

Here’s the part I question – all of those cars have protruding door handles Are they teasing us the next Range Rover and Range Rover Sport? Or are those just current models under the silk?

And clearly Land Rovers in green and Range Rovers in blue – is that you in the back left Discovery?