2013 Range Rover Cut-A-Way in Pictures #RangeRover

My dealer has one of the cut-a-way Range Rovers, and I took some pictures while I was there today.  We’ve all seen the pics and videos before, but it was neat to finally see it in person.

They also had the new F-Type there, I liked it before but I really loved it in person.

L405-cutaway (7)

L405-cutaway (22)L405-cutaway (14)

L405-cutaway (1)L405-cutaway (2)L405-cutaway (3)L405-cutaway (4)L405-cutaway (5)L405-cutaway (6)L405-cutaway (8)L405-cutaway (9)L405-cutaway (10)L405-cutaway (11)L405-cutaway (12)L405-cutaway (13)L405-cutaway (15)L405-cutaway (16)L405-cutaway (17)L405-cutaway (18)L405-cutaway (19)L405-cutaway (20)L405-cutaway (21)