Wow, didn’t realize how slow the touchscreens in the ALL NEW Range Rover & Range Rover Sport were!

Video review below cued up to the touchscreen review – look how long it takes for the AV screen to appear after hitting the button – what year is this? 2002?  No wait, it’s the “ALL NEW” 2014 Range Rover Sport.


And same for the Range Rover in this comparison between it, an A8 and the new S-Class.  The Range Rover is an amazing vehicle and the review is clear that it was their car of the year BUT it just fails completely when you compare the tech with the older A8 and the new S-Class.  It’s embarrassing.

Can you believe how slow it is in responding, how is the GPS screen not appearing instantaneously – or at least give some kind of loading indicator?  Instead it seems you press the button and wait a second.

And something I’ve complained about since they first revealed it in 2010 – the drivers virtual gauge cluster.  When you compare the graphics to what Mercedes is doing with the exact same tech it is…  Can you guess?  EMBARASSING!

Rumors of a big upgrade coming for 2015 are hopefully true, but knowing Land Rover it will probably be 2012 tech.