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Official 2020 Range Rover Sport updates finally kill InControl Apps, bring new P525 & RIP “Supercharged”

We’ve been wondering when the 2020MY updates would drop and Range Rover Sport is up first:

20MY Land Rover Range Rover Sport: Vehicle Content, Pricing, and Order Guide (PDF, 1.4MB)



Daytime Running Lights
For 2020 the daytime running light feature will only illuminate the front LED Signature DRL. All other lights will remain off unless headlights are activated. Note Previous model years the tail lights would also illuminate with DRL activation.

Gesture Sunblind
Due to low usage and negative feedback from inadvertent activation this feature has been removed from 2020 Range Rover Sport.

Gesture Tailgate
The gesture feature has been removed from the SE model for 2020. If desired it is available as a stand alone feature.

Rear Seat Entertainment
Based on retailer / customer feedback we now have the CD/DVD player as a required feature when Rear Seat Entertainment is selected.

P400 HST
The HST with P400 Ingenium 6 cylinder engine will continue through the 2020 model year maintaining the same standard equipment and optional features.

Carbon Fiber Exterior Pack
Due to low volumes of this pack we have removed the feature from the V8 models. Note this pack will still remain available on the P400 HST

Smartphone Pack
Now standard equipment on all Range Rover Sport models. Because of this standardization we have decided to discontinue and remove the InControl Apps from the system.

Auto-Dimming Passenger Side Mirror:
Driver’s side mirror will include the auto dimming feature but passenger side ceases to include this feature. This practice aligns to that adopted by a number of competitor products over recent years.

Electrically Deployable Side Steps
We will now prewire all Range Rover Sports to facilitate the installation process. This will  reduce installation times and minimize the amount of interior panels that need to be removed during installation.

New Badging Strategy
Starting with 2020 model year Range Rover Sport will receive the new cross carline badging strategy first seen on the Range Rover Velar.   This includes the “SPORT” remaining in place and the powertrain and trim level badge being placed below.

Also affected by this change are V8 variants. The “Supercharged” badge currently used on V8 models will no longer be used. V8 (non Autobiography or SVR) vehicles will be equipped with a “P525 HSE” badge on the tailgate. The chart below outlines how the new badges will be applied the lineup. 


New Metallic Paint Colors
Loire Blue & Corris Grey are metallic paint colors that have been on the Land Rover palette for several years. They are colors that provide a great look, but do not deliver the latest technology in paint. For 2020 model year we will introduce Portofino Blue & Eiger Grey which deliver the latest paint technology in terms of visuals and light shift, while maintaining similar colors for the Land Rover palette.

Black Exterior Pack & Black Wheels
At 20MY we will introduce a new Gloss Black Wheel to the lineup while also making the Black
Exterior Pack available to the HSE trim level on all powertrains.
We do acknowledge the previous model year’s constraint on black wheels and believe that the
introduction of this new black wheel along with the adjustment of existing wheel offerings will
resolve these constraints.
− With the introduction of the P400 HST model at 19.5MY we brought in a new unique optional wheel 22” ‘Style 5086’. (Previously HSE Dynamic would option to ‘Style 9012’).
− The highly constrained 22” ‘Style 9012’ wheel is now offered only on V8 models.
− With the 20MY introduction of 22” ‘Style 5004’ Gloss Black wheel we expect this will relieve our constraints on black wheels.

Download the full guide with pricing here:

20MY Land Rover Range Rover Sport: Vehicle Content, Pricing, and Order Guide (PDF, 1.4MB)

Smartphone Pack officially mentioned in JLR Pathfinder 193; CarPlay, Android Auto and Baidu CarLife is here

Here is the document you need to let you dealer know that you know about the Smartphone Pack


Pathfinder Release Notes – 193 PDF (7 pages/182KB)

For extra index-a-bility, here’s the text:

New Features:

17MY > 18MY Range Rover / L405

17MY > 18MY Range Rover Sport / L494

17MY > 18MY Discovery / L462

18MY Range Rover Velar / L560

18MY Evoque / L538

18MY Discovery Sport / L550

18MY XF / X260

18MY XE / X760

18MY F-PACE / X761

18MY F-TYPE / X152

18MY E-PACE / X540

19MY I-PACE / X590

This release includes a new application – ‘Activation of Smartphone Pack’. This application allows the activation of 3 smartphone integration technologies – Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Baidu CarLife.
Baidu CarLife is intended for the Chinese market only. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto availability will also depend on vehicle region.
The Smartphone Pack application is only compatible with InControl Touch Pro software version 18C or later. This application will prompt users to update the InControl Touch Pro software if required.

And as long as we’re here, the Land Rover USA website now lists the option, it only took a year.


Is the refuel procedure on the PHEV Range Rovers the same on other PHEV vehicles?

First there’s a dedicated button to open the fuel door the also opens the fuel tank isolation valve & depressurized the tank then unlocks the filler flap.  I’ll let the owners manual take it from here:

LRL 10 02 61 191

Note: Make sure that the vehicle is refuelled shortly after the refuelling button is pressed. Failure to do so may result in the fuel tank not being filled to the required level. If in doubt, check the fuel level gauge in the instrument panel before continuing the journey, to prevent running out of fuel.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) have a locking fuel filler flap and an isolation valve on the fuel tank.
The vehicle cannot be refuelled until the following has occurred:
• The isolation valve on the fuel tank is open.
• The fuel tank is depressurised.
• The fuel filler flap is unlocked.
To enable refuelling, carry out the following:

1. Switch off the vehicle’s ignition, apply the Electric Parking Brake (EPB), and make sure that the transmission is engaged in Park (P).
2. Press the refuelling button located in the lower switch panel at the driver’s side of the fascia. The isolation valve on the fuel tank opens to depressurise the fuel tank. The fuel filler flap unlocks. The instrument panel displays a message to confirm that the fuel filler flap is unlocking.
3. The instrument panel displays a message to confirm that the fuel filler flap is unlocked and the vehicle can be refuelled. See 382, FUEL FILLER FLAP.

The isolation valve on the fuel tank remains open for approximately 10 minutes, at which point the valve shuts, preventing further refuelling. If further refuelling is required, repeat the above process to open the isolation valve on the fuel tank.

Note: Make sure that the vehicle is stationary. The fuel filler flap does not unlock, and the isolation valve on the fuel tank does not open, if the vehicle is moving. The instrument panel displays a message to confirm that the vehicle’s speed is too high.

Note: Make sure that the fuel filler flap is closed after refuelling. The instrument panel displays a message to confirm that the fuel filler flap is not fully closed. If a fault is detected on either the fuel filler flap system, or on the isolation valve system on the fuel tank, the instrument panel displays a message. In this event, consult a retailer/authorised repairer or roadside assistance. See 501, ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE. See 357, PROTECT.

A very verbose, slightly bombastic description of the 2018 Range Rover & Range Rover Sport Animated Turn Signals…

Someone put a lot of thought into describing the new animated functionality of the turn signals in the owner’s manual for the updated 2018 Range Rover & Range Rover Sport.  This is kind of a repost but the wording was so thorough I couldn’t resist.


The animated turn signal feature is in place to improve the turn signal function by a sequential activation of their light sources. This is achieved by switching on consecutive segments of lights from inboard to outboard and during a defined period of time, creating a sweeping effect. Only lights with LED are able to reproduce any dynamic effect.

2018 Range Rover Sport SVR – Refresh

2018 Range Rover Sport SVR (2)

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