Land Rover celebrating it’s 65th birthday with a series of retro print ads #greatmindsthingalike

I must have been on to something with my retro Photoshop advertisements from last month.  On April 5th, Land Rover USA posted the first of five retro advertisements – they’re so good.  Today they posted the second one.  Both can be seen below.

I really need to get a staff of graphic artists on board here!

Really great work Land Rover, keep it up!


Road Closed - LR4

Have to throw mine in here too, haha!


  • The 65th anniversary is the perfect time to introduce retro ads and, as previewed right here on this family of Land Rover enthusiast sites, a great idea!

    Speaking of Land Rover anniversary, AutoWeek plans to celebrate the landmark with a spread of vintage off-roaders in the April 29 issue. The mention of what’s to come suggests you’ll find out what its like to drive some of the most famous models and chart a path through the company’s history. I’m not sure if and when an on-line version will appear.
    And, speaking of AutoWeek, Land Rover has been taking out back cover ads and a new one finally arrived. This time a three-quarter front view of an all-new Range Rover at water’s edge of a fjord with the end of an estate showing just off shore. The head line is, “Overprepared but never underdressed.” A bit more varied text than the prior ads that mentions the lightweight aluminum body, sophisticated, well-appointed interior and remarkably impressive wading depth.
    On a related note, days later I saw this same ad in a large format wine magazine as a two-page spread starting on the inside cover. An even more impressive and expansive (and expensive) ad. The magazine was in a wine store and the (owner’s) identical Range Rover was parked outside.

  • LRNA’s April 17 blog explains what’s behind these poster ads.

    They’re posting them on Land Rover USA’s social media channels; Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. They started at the beginning of April with the 1950s, where they integrated and featured the Range Rover Evoque. Last week, it was the 1960s with the 2013 Land Rover LR4. This Friday’s ad (4/19/13) will be the 1970s and, quite appropriately, will feature the all-new Range Rover. Next week (4/26/13), will feature the 2013 Land Rover LR2 for the 1980s. The series will end with the 1990s and the all-new Range Rover Sport (5/3/13).

    They have found various illustrators and artists to produce the end results we’ve seen so far. We’ll see if we get any photshopped versions!

    They have received positive reactions from their “community” around the first two ads. These ads are not part of our Land Rover North America media strategy. They’re intended to celebrate the 65th Anniversary and celebrate Land Rover’s rich heritage in a unique and innovative way; “a way that stimulates a conversation on-line,” the blog concluded.

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