19A to 19A2 InControl Touch Pro Over The Air Update on a USA 2017 Range Rover

Some first hand pics of the InControl Touch Pro SOTA process.

Dealer updated 2017 Range Rover from 18C to 19A then turned on SOTA.  This appeared first time getting in car after those updates:


Then hit Install now:


Then after a couple of minutes:


Then about 30 minutes later:


Then I followed Step 9 from the SOTA instructions:

9) When the touchscreen shows that the Installation is complete, exit and lock the vehicle, allowing it to shut down for a minimum of 7minutes.

But after waiting 15 minutes it still hadn’t installed.  So I waited and tried again and got this:


There was a pop-down that said it had updated but I didn’t have the camera ready for that. 

That’s that, upgraded S19A_19.07.2-312706 to S19A_19.11.4-330884 over the air