2013/2014/Next Range Rover and the latest camo L405 #rangerover

The camouflage has been stripped back more and more over the past month; to the point where it’s become “what are they still hiding?”.  While we know something is going on with the doors, they’ll keep that secret until reveal I’m sure.  The thing that caught my eye is the horizontal line that runs parallel and along with the door handles and hood gap. 

Looking at this shot, posted on carspyshots.net, the camo does still run all around the vehicle but pay more attention to where it overlaps – right along the line I’m talking about.  Also, notice how the camo does pull in right where it meets the hood gap at the bottom of the a-pillar.


Blue line follows the camo, red shows the design.


The current Range Rover has that same line, so this isn’t some great find.  And the Evoque also has quite a crease running down the side, although on the Evoque, it’s lower than the door handles.  But either way, Land Rover is being sure to keep this line covered.