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Another 2013 Range Rover L405 in the wild. I bet this is the final vehicle. #rangerover

Similar to what we saw a few weeks back, it’s another new Range Rover with the lighter camo and Trade plates.  The final shape is very clear.

(Posted with permission from here, thanks)


Some highlights:

Smaller details are being confirmed – horizontal metallic trim, fog lights and vents.  In this close up shot, does it look a little bit like a Freelander(LR2)??


And another shot of the mysterious back of the front seat, actually in this shot it does look more like a tray table than I’ve seen before.


More of that glass split roof.


Even some actual Range Rover badging on the wheels!


The real thing will be here soon.

Do you see what I see, the Ford Explorer vs the Next Range Rover, the lights #rangerover L405

The Explorer now makes me angry, every time I see it, every time…


Front headlights:



Rear lights (now with wings):




And lastly, the rear view with matching spoiler and horizontal chrome trim bar:



It’s not like Ford has ever done something like this before, using design cues from the vehicles it previously owned…


J Mays, Ford designer, told Automobile that he just didn’t see it…

Some may remember this too: “We wish our friends the best of luck with their new vehicle”

And a final additional insult to injury, the Ford Flex(the floating roof is the least of its problems), still don’t see it Mr. Mays?

I realize they had to get some return on their investment, but come on!

A new view of the next Range Rover L405, IMHO, this is the final version. #rangerover


This is a few days old but wanted to get permission before I put up all the shots on this site.  Posted over on the rangerovers.net forums on Tuesday by T.8ATH are some spy shots that are slightly different than what we’ve seen so far.

First, the camo is a different design/pattern/layout from previous mules.  We also see the new glass roof opened in two places.  The new item showing up on the back of the front seats gets a new look.  And finally, all other vehicles I’ve seen have had legitimate number plates, all VX12 or VX61, showing they were registered in the past year or so.  This one has Trade Plates. 

This is just a guess, but I really think we’re looking at the final product.








2013/2014/Next Range Rover and the latest camo L405 #rangerover

The camouflage has been stripped back more and more over the past month; to the point where it’s become “what are they still hiding?”.  While we know something is going on with the doors, they’ll keep that secret until reveal I’m sure.  The thing that caught my eye is the horizontal line that runs parallel and along with the door handles and hood gap. 

Looking at this shot, posted on carspyshots.net, the camo does still run all around the vehicle but pay more attention to where it overlaps – right along the line I’m talking about.  Also, notice how the camo does pull in right where it meets the hood gap at the bottom of the a-pillar.


Blue line follows the camo, red shows the design.


The current Range Rover has that same line, so this isn’t some great find.  And the Evoque also has quite a crease running down the side, although on the Evoque, it’s lower than the door handles.  But either way, Land Rover is being sure to keep this line covered.

Does this Range Rover have 7 seats? What are those two red dots?? #rangerover

I was looking at an old spy shot(can’t find the origin) and a new bit of information caught my eye. 

For background, when the Range Rover Evoque was released, one of its new safety features was a live graphic that displays the status of each seatbelt in the vehicle.  The driver can clearly see who is and isn’t buckled in; green is secure, red is not, along with an actual textual warning.

This is what it looks like in the Evoque:


In the spy shot below of the next Range Rover, the L405, we see something that looks oddly similar:


Here’s a closer look:


The graphic does match the Evoque’s, even with the triangular icon of the belted person on the “hood”.  Notice the number of indicators: Two green for the front passengers, a row of red in the back seats and then the interesting bit.  What are the two red dots that are clearly showing up in the trunk?