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The New Range Rover will make its global debut on Tuesday October 26th, 2021

  • Modern luxury by design: First image provides official glimpse of the new luxury SUV
  • Watch the livestream: Join the reveal from 3:40PM EST on Land Rover’s YouTube channel
  • Find out more: Sign up for updates at landrover.com/newrangerover
  • Be the first: Order books open in line with the world debut on October 26th

Is the next Range Rover getting Bluetooth headphones?

Looks like the FCC short-term confidentiality expired for the HEM module coming in the next Range Rover(L460). It feels like an oversight because this appears to be the only thing recently detailed publicly.

This could just be the Bluetooth receiver for the car but they are calling it the “Headphone Emitter Module” DS-L460-150401-E01-21

Not overly interesting but fun when info slips out, even a little peak of the L460 in engineering diagram form:


Next Range Rover (L460) will offer Continental Intelligent Glass Control

Looks like some cool tech and I’m pretty sure it’s on the way…

Intelligent car windows offer more comfort and safety

Intelligent Glass Control uses special films, which are inserted into the glass that change their transparency through electric control signals. This allows all car windows to be darkened with the touch of a button. This works in a very selective and incremental way. You can trigger individual windows and you can also determine the degree of darkening, so to say you can dim your windows. This not only offers increased comfort for passengers, but also makes driving safer. A typical example is a low sun on the horizon. The driver’s hand goes from the steering wheel to the sun visor. This causes not only impaired visibility but also a brief decrease in control of the vehicle. In the future such situations can be detected in advance, and the windows could darken automatically before the event even occurs.

Another 2013 Range Rover L405 in the wild. I bet this is the final vehicle. #rangerover

Similar to what we saw a few weeks back, it’s another new Range Rover with the lighter camo and Trade plates.  The final shape is very clear.

(Posted with permission from here, thanks)


Some highlights:

Smaller details are being confirmed – horizontal metallic trim, fog lights and vents.  In this close up shot, does it look a little bit like a Freelander(LR2)??


And another shot of the mysterious back of the front seat, actually in this shot it does look more like a tray table than I’ve seen before.


More of that glass split roof.


Even some actual Range Rover badging on the wheels!


The real thing will be here soon.

Do you see what I see, the Ford Explorer vs the Next Range Rover, the lights #rangerover L405

The Explorer now makes me angry, every time I see it, every time…


Front headlights:



Rear lights (now with wings):




And lastly, the rear view with matching spoiler and horizontal chrome trim bar:



It’s not like Ford has ever done something like this before, using design cues from the vehicles it previously owned…


J Mays, Ford designer, told Automobile that he just didn’t see it…

Some may remember this too: “We wish our friends the best of luck with their new vehicle”

And a final additional insult to injury, the Ford Flex(the floating roof is the least of its problems), still don’t see it Mr. Mays?

I realize they had to get some return on their investment, but come on!