Next Range Rover (L460) will offer Continental Intelligent Glass Control

Looks like some cool tech and I’m pretty sure it’s on the way…

Intelligent car windows offer more comfort and safety

Intelligent Glass Control uses special films, which are inserted into the glass that change their transparency through electric control signals. This allows all car windows to be darkened with the touch of a button. This works in a very selective and incremental way. You can trigger individual windows and you can also determine the degree of darkening, so to say you can dim your windows. This not only offers increased comfort for passengers, but also makes driving safer. A typical example is a low sun on the horizon. The driver’s hand goes from the steering wheel to the sun visor. This causes not only impaired visibility but also a brief decrease in control of the vehicle. In the future such situations can be detected in advance, and the windows could darken automatically before the event even occurs.