Do you see what I see, the Ford Explorer vs the Next Range Rover, the lights #rangerover L405

The Explorer now makes me angry, every time I see it, every time…


Front headlights:



Rear lights (now with wings):




And lastly, the rear view with matching spoiler and horizontal chrome trim bar:



It’s not like Ford has ever done something like this before, using design cues from the vehicles it previously owned…


J Mays, Ford designer, told Automobile that he just didn’t see it…

Some may remember this too: “We wish our friends the best of luck with their new vehicle”

And a final additional insult to injury, the Ford Flex(the floating roof is the least of its problems), still don’t see it Mr. Mays?

I realize they had to get some return on their investment, but come on!

  • The truth

    This is the dumbest article i have ever seen and you Micheal are a massive idiot. First things first the ford explorer came out before the range rover in 2011. Secondly ford had that design philosophy since 2006 with the ford edge. thirdly the same person designed both vehicles. you sir are an idiot, this article should be taken down for the integrity of the Internet, and you deserve to be shot on sight. Cheap lazy bumbhole tatas could not even be bothered to even update the design after purschasing land-rover, it is not ford’s fault and it is their design philosophy not land-rover or Tatas.

    • michaeltw

      Hehe, love someone so strong in their convictions. Go Ford! Land Rover Sucks! This one really made me laugh, thank you!

  • Adam S. Hacker

    This is the post I’ve been searching for! Side by side images! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ford was designed first. End of story. Plus, while these vehicles were in early design phases… ford OWNED Land Rover. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone.

    • michaeltw

      Hey, I love passionate comments on old posts like this – also don’t forget the Explorer designer was previously a Land Rover designer – all sorts of incest going on there. And please keep in mind that I will always be irrationally biased towards Land Rover.

  • p$

    im fully aware that the article is 3 yrs old but still the average consumer that doesnt follow the industry as much as journalists, photogs, or auto enthusiasts are asking why Land Rover is copying ford. im thinking to myself “THESE PEOPLE JUST DONT KNOW”. it should be why is ford copying LR or at the very least taking design cues from companies they used to own? of course theyll never come out and say where they got inspirations for the new design.

    i knew the moment i seen the current gen. explorer for the first time(4 yrs back) that there was something awfully familiar with its new looks. then it dawned on me. it’s the silhouette. and no not all suv silhouette are the same. the not so steep(55 degree) a-pillar that swoops back at about 35 degree and even d-pillar in the back swoops forward at about 45-50 degree(along w/ black colored pillars that gives it a floating roof effect which RR had 10 or more years ago) whereas the explorers before the current gen.(2010 and older) was basically straight up and down in the mentioned pillars like a cardboard box.

    there’s more.

    there’s the overhang lip design on the engine hood cover. not just the front portion but all around the hood. yes that’s very LR. even the current 2nd(2015<) gen edge incoporated it as well.

    aha there's more.

    there's the placing of the model name/emblems across the hood of the explorer and yes the flex too.

    i guess it's part of the deal to have owned a company like LR. you get to borrow their designs.

    if you look at the Range Rovers currently to 10-15 years back. you can see the consistency in the overall design over that period of time. the same cannot be said for the explorer.

    i just wish people would open their eyes and mind.