Terrain Response

Range Rover Next interior shots & Terrain-i? #rangerover

So I saw this article the other day:


And it discussed the already talked about Land Rover DC100 technology coming to the Range Rover Next, which does make sense, similar to the way Terrain Response, show on the Range Stormer then showed up in the Range Rover Sport & LR3.

I found higher resolution shots of the 2013 Range Rover at MOTORAUTHORITY.COM, and did a little OCD zooming, rotating and cropping.  Along with some crazy overanalyzing.

Here we see what looks like Terrain Response controls.  They appear to have gone back to being a round control but it doesn’t look like a knob and it does have that one button illuminated in the middle – could that be the “Terrain-i” button – hit it and forget it?


The updated and simplified Evoque-inspired steering wheel controls?


2012 Land Rover Discovery 4 Brochure, interesting updates! #landrover #discovery

A loyal reader, Patrick, sent me the scoop on these 2012 brochures.  They were definitely news to me!

We’ll start with the 2012 Discovery 4, which gained, along with some other tweaks, the rotary shifter along with updated Terrain Response controls, the Range Rover Evoque’s touch screen system, what look like huge rear seat entertainment screens & the updated smaller Smart Key.  I’m sure some of this stuff may be old news to people already driving Evoques in the UK.


I like what they did with that Land Rover branding


Also related to the rotary shifter, a new option I haven’t seen before, Drive Select Rotary Shifter Upgrade, requires Leather Drive Select Top Cover.


Here’s that new Smart Key.  Again probably old news to Evoque owners, I noticed this key in a Land Rover press photo from a couple of weeks ago but he’s a better view.


Finally a shot of the larger RSE screens:


You can download your copy of the entire brochure, right here:


Thanks again Patrick!!

You’ve got to love Land Rover marketing… #landrover

What started in 2011 in the Europe diesel models continues in 2012 with the Range Rover Sport & Discovery 4 getting the Rotary Shift Selector.  And with the main gear selector going rotary, people would start to get confused between that knob and the ubiquitously round Terrain Response knob.  The Evoque’s got the same thing.

But now in the 2012 Discovery 4 Press Release, we get an actual name for the horizontal layout that replaced the Terrain Response Knob.  Picture below shows the Evoque, it’s slightly different in the Range Rover.

To avoid confusion, the Terrain Response Rotary Switch is replaced by a new Terrain Response Optimisation Switch.


Interesting stuff, huh?  HA!

Latest Range Rover Evoque Shots Missing Dynamic Program–#rangeroverevoque

I do realize that it’s probably just a missing option, but the Dynamic Program is conspicuously missing from the images shown at the “Choose” build-your-own section of the Evoque website.

The Dynamic Program is a Terrain Response mode originally seen in the 2010 Range Rover Sport.  It’s described as:

Dynamic Program, which can provide more performance-orientated responses to driver input by remapping steering, throttle and gearbox settings.

Here’s the shot from the first pictures they released of the Prestige model, you can see it there.RRE-Dynamic-Program

Now from the Choose page, and I’m using a shot of a Dynamic Model, but they are all the same for these purposes, this picture just “popped” more.Evoque-Dynamic---Interior-Center-Stack

Here’s what it looks like in the 2010 Range Rover Sport:


And finally, just a reference back to the missing icon on the 2011 Range Rover TDV8:


Range Rover Minutia – Terrain Response Controls