Range Rover Next interior shots & Terrain-i? #rangerover

So I saw this article the other day:


And it discussed the already talked about Land Rover DC100 technology coming to the Range Rover Next, which does make sense, similar to the way Terrain Response, show on the Range Stormer then showed up in the Range Rover Sport & LR3.

I found higher resolution shots of the 2013 Range Rover at MOTORAUTHORITY.COM, and did a little OCD zooming, rotating and cropping.  Along with some crazy overanalyzing.

Here we see what looks like Terrain Response controls.  They appear to have gone back to being a round control but it doesn’t look like a knob and it does have that one button illuminated in the middle – could that be the “Terrain-i” button – hit it and forget it?


The updated and simplified Evoque-inspired steering wheel controls?