Rear Seat Recline

Range Rover – Rear Seat Recline–Controls for Style 2

Land Rover usually doesn’t give too many official shots of lower level trim/options – most of the pictures you see on the website or in brochures are of the Autobiography’s.

While searching around for something else, I found this shot of the controls for the reclining rear seat option in the Range Rover, first time I’ve seen them.  This is the Style 2 option, available with the HSE LUX package & in the Supercharged models for $1250.  For the Autobiography, the upgraded Style 3 comes as standard, it cost $2500 prior to MY2011.



For comparison, here are the Style 3 controls, which add in adjustable lumbar support along with seat heating & cooling.  Rear seat heating is standard on all Range Rovers, normally those controls are on the center rear HVAC console, but the are relocated to the door with the Style 3 package.



One additional feature that’s added in with either Style – “Passenger Seat Memory”.  I think I remember having this on a 1995 Range Rover, but I don’t believe any of the current generation have had it.  Here’s a shot from an Autobiography – you can see the memory controls there for the passenger seat:


2011 Range Rover Video–Finally something we haven’t seen

I don’t know how I missed this one, found it over on and it’s got it all.

  • Rear Seat Recline in Action
  • Rotary Electronic Transmission Selector
  • Steering Wheel Shift Paddles
  • Display going through all 8 gears
  • Insane Rear Seat Entertainment Controller

I’m not sure where this video actually comes from, I know it’s official Land Rover, but it’s not on any of the official LR media sites that I can find – anyway – Enjoy!