2011 Range Rover Video–Finally something we haven’t seen

I don’t know how I missed this one, found it over on rangerovers.net and it’s got it all.

  • Rear Seat Recline in Action
  • Rotary Electronic Transmission Selector
  • Steering Wheel Shift Paddles
  • Display going through all 8 gears
  • Insane Rear Seat Entertainment Controller

I’m not sure where this video actually comes from, I know it’s official Land Rover, but it’s not on any of the official LR media sites that I can find – anyway – Enjoy!


This (horendously expensive) remote control, Rear TFT screens, wireless (digital) headphones and the media player all sourced / designed by American companies! its the same as the system used in the new Jaguar as is the out of this world instrument cluster!