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2012 Range Rover Sport Brochure–we finally see the new rear design… #rangerover

Trying to see the new rear design of the 2012 Range Rover Sport has been like pulling teeth.  No official shots that I’ve been able to find and even going through this brochure, there’s not one full shot of the new design which now has some added horizontal trim.  We didn’t know how the new powered tailgate would affect the look, and we’re still not completely sure, ha!

Here is the 2012 shot below and below that, I’m including the exact same shot from the 2011 brochure, got to love that Photoshop.  I’m not sure where they moved the button to, I’m assuming it’s probably above the license plate like on a real Range Rover, we’ll see.  Or was that button only for opening the glass section?  Also, the Sport badge has moved to the opposite side.






I like it!!

Here’s another shot with the new key and interior controls for the new power tailgate.  Not sure how much you can believe the picture because again it’s just a manipulated shot from last years brochure.


Finally, here’s another shot of the 8” RSE screen, just like in the Discovery 4.2012-rrs-rse

And here’s the brochure:


Thank you again Patrick!!

Range Rover Touch screen remote control User Guide

Although we won’t being seeing it on this side of the Atlantic, here’s the user guide for the new touch screen remote control, first shown in this 2011 Range Rover video.  One thing I found interesting, was that it’s still just an IR remote.  I know that makes a lot of sense, it’s probably just a swap for the normal remote control, I initially assumed it would be RF.  All the more reason to just let us have it in the U.S. too.

Range Rover Touch screen remote control Page 1Range Rover Touch screen remote control Page 2Range Rover Touch screen remote control Page 3Range Rover Touch screen remote control Page 4Range Rover Touch screen remote control Page 5

CNET UK tells us slightly more of the RSE Touch Screen

So we discovered and posted what I believe were the first pics online of the new Rear Seat Entertainment Touch Screen Controller yesterday – the real press who already knew about it are now starting to post.  Here’s CNET UK’s take on it with some new small bits of info


A bespoke touch-sensitive remote control unit has been developed specifically for the Range Rover. The 64mm (2.5-inch) display, which uses resistive touch technology, allows you to choose video and audio sources independently for each display. It’s extremely clever, but we won’t go as far as to say it’s perfect. It doesn’t show you artist, playlist or video information and its graphical user interface takes some getting used to. We’re not complaining though — it beats the hell out of standard rear-seat remotes, so well done Land Rover.

What the hell is this? Touch Screen RSE Controller!?!

Sorry for the language, but this really came out of nowhere.  Watching the video from the previous post, we saw some things they haven’t shown us live yet.  But no one ever mentioned a touch screen Rear Seat Entertainment Controller.  It does seem like the kind of thing they show and then we never get it in the U.S.  So even if we don’t, it’s still great they are coming up with ideas like this:





2011 Range Rover Video–Finally something we haven’t seen

I don’t know how I missed this one, found it over on and it’s got it all.

  • Rear Seat Recline in Action
  • Rotary Electronic Transmission Selector
  • Steering Wheel Shift Paddles
  • Display going through all 8 gears
  • Insane Rear Seat Entertainment Controller

I’m not sure where this video actually comes from, I know it’s official Land Rover, but it’s not on any of the official LR media sites that I can find – anyway – Enjoy!