Official 2020 Range Rover Sport updates finally kill InControl Apps, bring new P525 & RIP “Supercharged”

We’ve been wondering when the 2020MY updates would drop and Range Rover Sport is up first:

20MY Land Rover Range Rover Sport: Vehicle Content, Pricing, and Order Guide (PDF, 1.4MB)



Daytime Running Lights
For 2020 the daytime running light feature will only illuminate the front LED Signature DRL. All other lights will remain off unless headlights are activated. Note Previous model years the tail lights would also illuminate with DRL activation.

Gesture Sunblind
Due to low usage and negative feedback from inadvertent activation this feature has been removed from 2020 Range Rover Sport.

Gesture Tailgate
The gesture feature has been removed from the SE model for 2020. If desired it is available as a stand alone feature.

Rear Seat Entertainment
Based on retailer / customer feedback we now have the CD/DVD player as a required feature when Rear Seat Entertainment is selected.

P400 HST
The HST with P400 Ingenium 6 cylinder engine will continue through the 2020 model year maintaining the same standard equipment and optional features.

Carbon Fiber Exterior Pack
Due to low volumes of this pack we have removed the feature from the V8 models. Note this pack will still remain available on the P400 HST

Smartphone Pack
Now standard equipment on all Range Rover Sport models. Because of this standardization we have decided to discontinue and remove the InControl Apps from the system.

Auto-Dimming Passenger Side Mirror:
Driver’s side mirror will include the auto dimming feature but passenger side ceases to include this feature. This practice aligns to that adopted by a number of competitor products over recent years.

Electrically Deployable Side Steps
We will now prewire all Range Rover Sports to facilitate the installation process. This will  reduce installation times and minimize the amount of interior panels that need to be removed during installation.

New Badging Strategy
Starting with 2020 model year Range Rover Sport will receive the new cross carline badging strategy first seen on the Range Rover Velar.   This includes the “SPORT” remaining in place and the powertrain and trim level badge being placed below.

Also affected by this change are V8 variants. The “Supercharged” badge currently used on V8 models will no longer be used. V8 (non Autobiography or SVR) vehicles will be equipped with a “P525 HSE” badge on the tailgate. The chart below outlines how the new badges will be applied the lineup. 


New Metallic Paint Colors
Loire Blue & Corris Grey are metallic paint colors that have been on the Land Rover palette for several years. They are colors that provide a great look, but do not deliver the latest technology in paint. For 2020 model year we will introduce Portofino Blue & Eiger Grey which deliver the latest paint technology in terms of visuals and light shift, while maintaining similar colors for the Land Rover palette.

Black Exterior Pack & Black Wheels
At 20MY we will introduce a new Gloss Black Wheel to the lineup while also making the Black
Exterior Pack available to the HSE trim level on all powertrains.
We do acknowledge the previous model year’s constraint on black wheels and believe that the
introduction of this new black wheel along with the adjustment of existing wheel offerings will
resolve these constraints.
− With the introduction of the P400 HST model at 19.5MY we brought in a new unique optional wheel 22” ‘Style 5086’. (Previously HSE Dynamic would option to ‘Style 9012’).
− The highly constrained 22” ‘Style 9012’ wheel is now offered only on V8 models.
− With the 20MY introduction of 22” ‘Style 5004’ Gloss Black wheel we expect this will relieve our constraints on black wheels.

Download the full guide with pricing here:

20MY Land Rover Range Rover Sport: Vehicle Content, Pricing, and Order Guide (PDF, 1.4MB)

Do not unwrap until 2019

Can’t wait to see what December 27th brings…fromlandroverdonotunwrapuntil2019-resize-1024x1024

Oddly but very much in line with their process – the official media links for the above image swapped the high- and low- res images – or at least the resizes – ever so confusing…

Further the image itself was so low-res and I’m not sure if that’s actually on purpose or just another lack of attention to detail.

All-New 2020 Range Rover Evoque, the minutia…

The Velar makeover for the Evoque does seem to suit it well.  And being the last car in the lineup needing a good refresh, it’s a great indicator of what we’ll see in the next couple years on the up-level models.

The transparent bonnet from the 2014 Discovery Vision Concept makes its debut and it’s pretty cool.


Basically an updated extension of the current Drive Assist that blends the cameras for a very helpful view.  Currently this is buried a few levels deep in the menus and you have to accept a warning message.  We’ll see if that stays the same for Clear Sight Ground View


The other “Clear Sight” tech – ClearSight Rear-View Mirror, a 9.5” LCD with a 1600 x 300 resolution displaying an HD 60FPS camera feed providing a wider (50-degree) field of vision and superior visibility in low light.  Love this but be warned “Customers who wear varifocal or bifocal lenses may have issues adjusting to the mirror’s digital mode”

What are these giant blank areas surrounding the shifters in the current JLR line up – it just seems like very lazy design.  It’s the same thing Jaguar does in the XE with the rotary shifter.  You can tell it’s there because they just gave up and over-compromised.  If you’re going to do this why not just change up the interface altogether?  They’re not saving space they’re just wasting it.  And it looks cheap.  Please don’t let the cheap Jaguar interiors come over to our side.

2020 Range Rover - Interiors (1)

Is it because they need to have space for a manual transmission?


How are they not including inductive charging or wireless CarPlay at this point?  They show two places you can put your phone but neither charges it wirelessly.  These are 2020 cars – look at our super-advanced AI-enhanced next-gen WIRED technology.

2020 Range Rover - Interiors (5)

More to come…

InControl Touch Pro (not Duo) as standard in the All-New 2020 Range Rover Evoque


If not optioned with the full InControl Touch Pro Duo system, the 2020 Range Rover Evoque includes the old-style sunken screen of the pre-2018 era.  And along with that the lower screen of the ICTPD system gets replaced with a glossy control panel mimicking the ICTPD display. 

For some reason the volume control moves to the upper left of that panel.  There aren’t too many pics out there.



Why did we have to wait for AI-powered “Smart Settings” to automatically turn on the heated seats & steering wheel when it’s cold out?

2020 Range Rover Evoque in Studio (1)

So many other cars do this without “AI” – was it an IP issue?  And using the key to identify the driver, again is this AI?  Or just something that’s been around forever and ever?

Smart Settings
Designed to deliver a truly personalised experience and reduce driver distraction,
Smart Settings combines a number of features.
––Profile: The system automatically identifies each driver using their key and phone, and can
remember a number of settings saved to their profile. It can select your preferred seat and
mirror positions, as well as which media to play at the start of your journey.
––Learning: With the ‘Learning’ function, Smart Settings can also learn and automate your
preferences, based on your habits, past routines and the current temperature – including
whether you like a warm steering wheel or heated seats on a morning commute.

Maybe just check if it’s below 40 and do it?