More details of the changes coming for the 2014.5MY Range Rover

A reader was kind enough to provide me with the Range Rover 14.5MY Product Brief Update.

It’s available as a PDF to download here: Range Rover 14.5MY Product Brief Update

Some interesting items I’d like to call out.

First glimpse of the actual buttons used for the new InControl system:


That’s the Optimised Land Rover Assistance button located on the left hand side and SOS Emergency Call button on the right.

Two material changes (blue arrows below):14.5my-material-updates

Steering Wheel Airbag Cover: from 14.5MY, the steering wheel airbag cover will be manufactured from a non-leather material, replacing the leather cover which previously featured.

Vogue 2nd Row Seat Bolsters:The 2nd Row seat bolster which features on Vogue derivatives will be manufactured from a non-leather material, replacing the leather which previously featured.

Microphone Performance
The apertures of the microphones have been enlarged for improved audio performance via Bluetooth.

Grand Black Lacquer
Following customer feedback indicating a preference for Grand Black Lacquer, this finisher has replaced Figured Macassar as the standard condition. 14.5MY orders which do not indicate a preference will be manufactured with Grand Black Lacquer.

Parcel Shelf Design Improvement


In order to respond to customer feedback, an additional fold will be added to the parcel shelf design. The change will see the parcel shelf fold three times instead of twice, to allow for improved load space flexibility. This change will be made in production from Quarter 1 2014.

Rear Seat Entertainment with 10.2” Screens

We’ve seen this in the Range Rover Autobiography Black Long Wheel Base, but it’s not just limited to that model:


Driver and Front Passenger Upper Seat Articulation

I’m so happy they’re bringing this back.  It appears to be an option on the Autobiography & Vogue SE, so I hope we see it here in the States as well, as an option.


Driver and Front Passenger Upper Seat Articulation further extend the available seating features for Vogue SE and Autobiography derivatives, helping to provide significantly improved comfort levels. The feature allows the driver and front passenger to adjust the upper squab section of their seats as shown in the image above.

That’s it for now, I’ll doing another post with a break down of some of the new tech.

New more detailed images of the Black Design Pack for the MY14.5 Range Rover

Some new higher resolution images of the Black Design Pack coming for the MY14.5 update.  UK Pricing has it as a £895 option.



The Black Design Pack will have some exclusive and apparently mandatory wheel options:


On the left are the 22” 7 Split Spoke Black Finish Style 16 and on the right 21” 9 Spoke Black Finish Style 15. Pricing on the wheels varies depending on the model it’s being added to.

Reading through the 14.5 Order Guide shows LWB & Autobiography Black clues were hidden in plain sight


The above shot is from the Range Rover 14.5MY UK Pricing & Order Guide, which was public before the Autobiography Black was announced.  There’s lots of neat info in it. Right there on the first page of data was the yet-unannounced Range Rover Autobiography Black LWB.

First the “Autobiography Black Badge” which was used for a 2011 model on the previous generation Range Rover but not on the current model yet, so that was a clue.


Then a little further down, starting with the Hybrid AAG Badge.


We knew what the Hybrid AAG was, which leads us to the L’ AAG Badge – which we now know is for the LWB designation. 


So that info was right there in front of our noses, hopefully next time I’ll read a little closer the first time around.

Does anyone out there know what AAG stands for?

MY2014.5 Park Assist Updates for the Range Rover

The 2014.5 model year for the Range Rover will begin with December builds.  We knew what was coming, the minor updates to various systems.  Now we actually know how some of them will work.

As described in the official PR:

Planned for a mid-year introduction, the Range Rover will offer Enhanced Parking Aids to bolster the already-available Parallel Park feature. Parking Exit will be able to help the driver to automatically exit parallel parking spaces; Perpendicular Park can automatically position the vehicle centrally in parking spaces to maximize exiting room on both sides, 360-degree Park Distance Control will provide virtual object tracking along the sides of the vehicle at speeds of up to 10mph (16km/h).

New optional Lane Departure will use a forward-looking camera to monitor the vehicle’s position between lane markings. The Lane Departure Warning system provides haptic feedback through the steering wheel should the driver begin to move out of lane without using a turn signal.  The same camera is used for the Traffic Sign Recognition system, which identifies speed limit signs and a variety of other warning and information signs.

We’ll focus on the two new Parking Aid items: Parking Exit and Perpendicular Park.2014.5-pp

The thing I hadn’t realized was that Perpendicular parking would be for reversing into a space, in hindsight it makes sense and makes the feature more interesting.  I also wondered how it would be activated, with two additional features, how would the controls change.  Now we know:

The Park assist button can be used to scroll through the 3 Park assist features:
• A first press of the button turns the system on and selects Parallel parking.
• A second press of the button selects Perpendicular parking.
• A third press of the button selects Parking exit.
• A fourth press of the button turns the system off and will extinguish the LED.

Range Rover 14.5MY UK Pricing & Order Guide – Issue 4 – for builds from December 16, 2013

Thank you Cyril so much for this document, it’s an interesting read for someone in the market for a new Range Rover – behind the scenes notes, options & pricing

It’s an Excel document, about 2MB in size.

Range Rover 14.5MY UK Pricing & Order Guide – Issue 4 – 16th December 2013 (Excel)