Reading through the 14.5 Order Guide shows LWB & Autobiography Black clues were hidden in plain sight


The above shot is from the Range Rover 14.5MY UK Pricing & Order Guide, which was public before the Autobiography Black was announced.  There’s lots of neat info in it. Right there on the first page of data was the yet-unannounced Range Rover Autobiography Black LWB.

First the “Autobiography Black Badge” which was used for a 2011 model on the previous generation Range Rover but not on the current model yet, so that was a clue.


Then a little further down, starting with the Hybrid AAG Badge.


We knew what the Hybrid AAG was, which leads us to the L’ AAG Badge – which we now know is for the LWB designation. 


So that info was right there in front of our noses, hopefully next time I’ll read a little closer the first time around.

Does anyone out there know what AAG stands for?