Autobiography Black

Range Rover Autobiography turns 21

Celebrating the best and most personal Range Rover, here are some Autobiography highlights.  Official PR at end of article.

First in tribute to Mr. Clarkson, we’ll start with a video:



And some links to some great Autobiography brochures:




· Autobiography enters its third decade at the pinnacle of premium SUV luxury

· For 21 years Range Rover customers have specified design and luxury features to reflect their personal tastes and preferences

· Range Rover Autobiography Black, the latest iteration of the finest quality vehicle appointments and finishes

· Land Rover’s commitment to delivering a personalisation service continues with Range Rover Autobiography Black overseen by Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations department

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A cool invitation to the NY Range Rover Autobiography Black reveal – it’s made of metal!


Can’t wait!

New images of the Range Rover Autobiography Black LWB on location in London

Range Rover LWB in London (6)Range Rover LWB in London (2)Range Rover LWB in London (4)Range Rover LWB in London (7)Range Rover LWB in London (3)Range Rover LWB in London (12)Range Rover LWB in London (5)Range Rover LWB in London (9)Range Rover LWB in London (10)Range Rover LWB in London (8)Range Rover LWB in London (11)Range Rover LWB in London (13)Range Rover LWB in London (1)

Reading through the 14.5 Order Guide shows LWB & Autobiography Black clues were hidden in plain sight


The above shot is from the Range Rover 14.5MY UK Pricing & Order Guide, which was public before the Autobiography Black was announced.  There’s lots of neat info in it. Right there on the first page of data was the yet-unannounced Range Rover Autobiography Black LWB.

First the “Autobiography Black Badge” which was used for a 2011 model on the previous generation Range Rover but not on the current model yet, so that was a clue.


Then a little further down, starting with the Hybrid AAG Badge.


We knew what the Hybrid AAG was, which leads us to the L’ AAG Badge – which we now know is for the LWB designation. 


So that info was right there in front of our noses, hopefully next time I’ll read a little closer the first time around.

Does anyone out there know what AAG stands for?

Exterior features of the Range Rover Autobiography Black (lots of chrome)

With this latest special edition came the first major round of exterior tweaks, specific to the Autobiography Black:

Autobiography Black Badging & Signature Rear Lamps – along with a  glimpse of the new chrome horizontal trim

Range Rover Autobiography Black (2)


Updated finish for front grill (and a green oval!)Range Rover Autobiography Black (3)


Side vents get refreshed look with chrome additions and the L badge for the LWB. Land Rover seems to be into these new door badge designations lately – with the Hybrid and the 2014 Discovery getting them too.  I really like how the side vents look, it’s a great compromise between the full Atlas vents and the standard body color.

Range Rover Autobiography Black (17)


Here’s another view of the front, the changes to the grill are more noticeable.  The auxiliary vents now getting a metallic surround.  I’m not a huge fan of what they did with those vents.  The metallic vents are one of my favorite little details on the regular Range Rover Autobiography.  But on that model only the horizontal fins are metallic, the actual surround stays body color.  Too me it just seems more elegant with the metallic fins just floating in body color.  This looks heavier and more slapped on.

Range Rover Autobiography Black (4)

And finally the 21” 7-spoke polished chrome wheel


I like it.