MY2014 Range Rover Evoque in the snow and some interior tech pictures

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2014 Range Rover Sport brings 7 seats or really 5 seats and 2 “occasional” ones #NewRangeRoverSport


My use of  “occasional” above is actually comes directly from the PR.

· New 5+2 third row seating option for occasional use

the practical flexibility provided by the option of 5+2 third row seating for occasional use.


The third row is designed for occasional use, and power-folds flat into the floor to preserve cargo versatility.

with a spacious and flexible interior that offers the option of occasional use “5+2” seating

• Rear seats now offer adjustable recline and climate control, with a 60/40 split, while the versatility of occasional 5+2 third-row seating can be specified as an option.

Okay, I’ll stop – here’s the rest of the PR on those seats:

For additional versatility, neatly integrated third row seats can be optioned, and provide “5+2” third row seats designed for occasional use. These seats split 50/50 and are designed to be suitable for children and teenagers. They may also be used for adults on short trips. The second row seats tip and slide forward to provide access to the third row using a convenient lever on the backrest with one-hand operation. The second row seats also provide 3.8-inches (100mm) fore/aft movement to allow customers a flexible choice of space in the rear seat rows and in the luggage compartment.

The third row seats include power operation, and can be raised/lowered electrically using controls mounted on either side of the cabin and within the luggage area. When folded, the third row seats leave a flat floor, with no loss of capacity in the luggage compartment when compared to the 5-seat model.


And a video of the powered seats in action:


The droids from Star Wars, previously seen in the LR3 & LR4 have jumped up a model!


2014 Range Rover Sport–The interior shots #NewRangeRoverSport


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