2013 Model Year

New iOS app for the All-New Range Rover, Range Rover: The Trail Less Traveled – images

It looks like this new app possibly got approved before Land Rover realized it because there has been no publicity that I’ve seen.  It’s a fun little interactive/informational app; lots of pics, videos and illustrations.  It’s designed for both the iPhone & iPad.  The graphics comparing the various generations are great.  I’ll post some of those below.  Also through this new app I discovered another official app that’s been out since November- the 2013 Range Rover Specifications Guide.

Range Rover: The Trail Less Traveled

2013 Range Rover Specifications Guide





Second to last retro ad from the Land Rover social media campaign – I think I like mine better! #sorrybiased


Here’s the original:


And finally my version from back in March:


Another great retro ad from Land Rover for the All-new Range Rover

Now this is one I regret not thinking of, it’s so obvious and so well executed.  Also based on one of my favorite Land Rover print advertisements of all time.

If it's so great why do we keep changing it 2013

And the ad that it’s based on:

If it's so great why do we keep changing it

Reverse Retro Range Rover Advertisement, Take that!

So Land Rover wants people to think they’re the only ones doing cool retro ads.  Now I’ve got something even newer – Reverse Retro!

The latest 2013 Range Rover Advert: Overprepared but Never Underdressed


And the OVALNEWS Reverse Retro: Overprepared but Never Underdressed (1970)



P.S. I don’t think overprepared is a word.

Range Rover Family Portrait, 2013

It seems this picture hasn’t been posted much.  It’s a great one.

A Range Rover with two other vehicles… Hehe, only kidding.