2013 Range Rover, the little things, part three, badges & armrests #newrangerover

Hopefully there will be a new deluge of information after the reveal tomorrow.  Before that here’s a last “little things”, before we start posting all the big things.

Starting with the 2010 Range Rover refresh, the Land Rover badge, was removed from the rear of the vehicle, but remained in the front grill.  Starting for the 2012MY, the badges on the wheel centers switched from Land Rover to the new Range Rover logo that the Evoque received.

In those first five official pictures we saw of the next Range Rover, the rear Land Rover badge has returned and the wheels centers are Land Rover in some pictures and Range Rover in others.

I think this return to Land Rover badging could be a fluke or could be something more in line with their new advertising campaign, where they back to reminding us where they came from.  I like it.

Yes, those are 22” wheels, an option for the new Range Rover.

And the rear badging:


Finally, there were questions from the various spy shots about whether or not we’d see the armrests like the previous Range Rovers, in the new Range Rover.  While we won’t actually know until we get more details, this shot is encouraging.