2013 Range Rover Pre-reveal, what we know so far #newrangerover


Tomorrow should be a deluge of actual 2013 Range Rover information, more than just the three page press release and five pictures.

Here’s some of the stuff we know so far, most of it culled from the Car Magazine article(Thanks Ian!!), nothing secret or all that new, just all the points that seemed important to me.

Three roof color choices – Black, silver or body color(i.e. traditional floating roof)

Three vents pieces in front doors are a purely visual element and can be either body color or Silver, matching the horizontal trim piece.  Gerry McGovern calls them a tribute to the DNA, which actually makes some sense.  If you think about it, all of the cues that make a Range Rover a Range Rover are the ones from the earliest designs.  This allows the L322 to contribute some traits to the new Range Rover.

It’s the most aerodynamic Range Rover ever.

Expect trim tweaks with every new model year.

50% reduction in switch gear.

Massage seats as an option

8-speed automatic & start/stop will be standard on all models

Naturally aspirated petrol V8 will be phased out for the new Supercharged V6 used in the XJ in the near future

MacPherson front struts will be replaced with aluminum double wishbones all around.

Overall the message is that we’re going to see customization options never seen before in a Range Rover. 

McGovern quoted as saying, “give people the ability to personalize their vehicles, but in a way that protects the integrity.  We know tuners take our cars and quite frankly, they erode their image” 

I can’t agree more with this, I feel the actual designers have the best eye for what should and shouldn’t go on a Range Rover.  Hopefully the new options will make people think twice before ruining theirs.

It’s refreshing to hear Gerry McGovern talk about real Range Rovers and not have to convince people that the Evoque is one too.

Can’t wait for tomorrow, we’ll meet again at 3:45PM EST.