2013 Range Rover, more minutia pictures via Autocar #NewRangeRover

Autocar put up a great article today.  Not much new info but a lot of new pictures.

Here we see the refrigerated section in the front center armrest.  The switch in the middle of the image is used to turn it on and off.  It looks very shallow in this picture.  I’d much rather have storage over refrigeration, but I guess the new door cubby’s help with that too.  Also, we can see that the USB and AUX jacks remain in the center.



The thing to notice here is the red glow coming from below the center console, that’s the Ambient Lighting feature in action



This image shows how important the small details are to Gerry McGovern and his team.



Another “small detail”, more of a gimmick this time, is the Range Rover logo that is display from the side-view mirrors at night; similar to what the Evoque does.