2013 Range Rover, Interesting back seat bits #NewRangeRover

Just a few little bits found in some of the back seat pictures.

The center rear seatbelt now slides into its own space, I wonder if this has anything to do with the motorized folding rear seats now?



A vent has appeared at the seat level, I’m assuming this may have to with the the 4-zone system, but can’t confirm that yet.


And finally, another view, this time of the rear seat with the Executive Class Seating option, not only do we see that the rear seat controls have moved off the door and on to the side of the seat.  But higher up in the picture, an air vent has appeared on the roof.  Looks like it’s replaced the standard roof mounted handle, that still persists for the front passengers.  I wonder if there’s one mounted somewhere else that we can’t see.  It’s probably for the 4-zone system.


Another rood air vent shot:


Here’s a shot with rear grab handles and no vents:



And finally a shot of the simple rear seat recline controls:


And finally, the button that moves the front passenger seat forward for more leg room, has been moved to the side of the front passenger seat: