Light color of preview pictures has many asking what the new trim will look like with darker paint #2013rangerover

I’m sure a lot of thought went into the decision of what colors to announce the 2013 Range Rover with.  It could be some new marketing formula, Gerry McGovern’s preference or maybe just a color roulette wheel (Stornoway Gray was just one position off on the wheel).

Then I remembered, we actually did see the trim against a dark paint color.

First, a close up of the released photo(with highlights):

The paint color kind of hid the fact that, along with the trim strips running across the side and back of the 2013 Range Rover, there is also a strip that runs along the front of the new Range Rover face.  It’s similar to the strip we currently see on the L322 supercharged Range Rover.  The light paint colors really disguise it.

BUT, we were lucky enough to find this spy shot just days before the release.  And here on a black car, that trim strip really pops, along with something else that’s not clear on the released pictures…l405-chin-strip-black

Those new front horizontal vents are finished metallically too!