2013 Range Rover, the little things, part one – door locks #rangerover

Disclaimer: everything I say in these OCD Range Rover minutia rants could be wrong, I just like guessing.

Going back to the first real interior spy shots taken in China:


I noticed there weren’t any door locks toward the back top of the door card(marked in red).  After seeing the released shots from the other day, we got the first glimpse of the controls(marked in blue).  I didn’t even notice the blue controls until I went back to these pictures after seeing the real ones.  Another thing to note in the final released interior shot, there is no central locking button near the main controls.  This differs from Jaguar, which does still have their central locking buttons on the center console.

I think this is neat and just adds to the cleaner look they seem to have achieved.  The door locks on the previous Range Rover were BMW circa 1997 and although you could press them down to lock the doors, you had to pull the door handle twice to unlock them.



That little lock control panel shows up on the passenger side too.  So what does it all mean?  There are more than a couple of buttons there, are there individual buttons for each door?