Next Range Rover Virtual Gauges better look like this #rangerover

As I’ve complained about many times before, the 12” TFT virtual gauge cluster that appeared with the 2010 Range Rover refresh, had better of been a beta test.  I believe it was a test of the technology that provided us a taste of what may come in the future.  In reality it provided nothing more then something to impress people with, the first time they see it, they can’t believe it.  Then when they hear it actually doesn’t do anything more then that, they all say the same thing – gimmick!

So today I read and watched about the new system Cadillac has coming and it just blew me away.


And here’s my hope, what we are seeing right now in our 2010 – 2012 Range Rovers is just a proof of concept and when generation two appears in the next Range Rover, it had better be a leap beyond what we’re seeing from Cadillac, since they’re just starting with the technology, right?

But don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.