Range Rover Evoque has no Land Rover badging–is this the beginning of the split? And more importantly, do I have to rename this blog?

Just going off the newly released pictures, I just realized the Evoque has no Land Rover badging at all.  Now this could just be these pictures, but I wonder if this is really the split that’s been written about – spinning off Range Rover as it’s own brand.  They already removed the rear Land Rover badge from The Range Rover & Range Rover Sport in 2010, but did keep the front grill badge.  Currently the wheel caps & steering wheels in the larger models get Land Rover badges, along with some interior door badges as well.

Looking closely at the Evoque, all those spots now display Range Rover badging, I guess they don’t want anyone mistaking it for an LR2 or Land Rover in general – may not be a bad idea.

2010 Range Rover Sport


2010 Range Rover:



2012 Range Rover Evoque



And here is the rear badging, this design moves the model designation to the left side and looks like it’s comes in colors depending on the Evoque model you choose:



One final piece of info both the LRX & the first picture of this model they released just about one year ago both still had Land Rover badging.  I just wonder when the decision was made to drop them?



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