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The Range Rover Velar is now even more desirable, sustainable and intelligent with the introduction of an electric plug-in hybrid option, advanced new infotainment technology and elegant new design features.

  • Velar: The new Range Rover Velar features pioneering new technology and hybrid electrification, continuing Range Rover’s 50-year history of innovation
  • Electric: The Range Rover family is now fully electrified. The Plug-In Hybrid Range Rover Velar ‘P400e’ offers customers impressive all-electric range of 33 miles (53km)* and CO2 emissions of 49g/km* for more efficient journeys, with 48-volt mild hybrids
  • Luxurious: Modern and sophisticated design, now with new exterior colour options including Lantau Bronze, exclusively available on the ‘Range Rover Velar Edition’
  • All-Terrain: Range Rover’s unrivalled all-wheel drive capability on every terrain, with new mild-hybrid (MHEV) in-line six-cylinder Ingenium petrol and diesel engines with air suspension as standard.
  • Next-generation four-cylinder mild-hybrid Ingenium diesels offer exceptional efficiency, power and on-road performance
  • Refined: The interior is a calm sanctuary, with new Pivi infotainment, Active Road Noise Cancellation*** for quieter and more serene journeys, and new Cabin Air Filtration† for healthier, cleaner air inside
  • Available to order now: New Range Rover Velar is priced from £46,110. Specify yours at: landrover.co.uk/vehicles/range-rover-velar/index.html
  • Improved cost-of-ownership: The emissions efficiency of the Range Rover Velar PHEV significantly improves cost-of-ownership, with a benefit-in-kind tax rate for business/company car drivers starting from just 10%.
  • For a 40% taxpayer, this rate would mean monthly tax bills as low as £214.30 in the current financial year
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Range Rover Velar in Norway, InControl Touch Pro Duo highlights

my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (1)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (2)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (3)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (4)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (5)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (6)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (7)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (8)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (9)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (10)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (15)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (11)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (12)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (13)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (14)

Range Rover Velar in Norway, action shots

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my18-range-rover-velar (11)

my18-range-rover-velar (25)my18-range-rover-velar (31)my18-range-rover-velar (34)my18-range-rover-velar (7)my18-range-rover-velar (4)my18-range-rover-velar (14)my18-range-rover-velar (16)

Range Rover Velar in Norway, Off-road

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MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (1)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (19)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (2)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (7)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (9)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (8)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (11)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (17)

Range Rover Velar in Norway, the First Edition

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range-rover-velar-first-edition-static (7)range-rover-velar-first-edition-static (1)range-rover-velar-first-edition-static (2)range-rover-velar-first-edition-static (3)range-rover-velar-first-edition-static (4)range-rover-velar-first-edition-static (5)range-rover-velar-first-edition-static (6)