"We created a new material signature of the cut diamond, it will become a signifier for Range Rovers in the future"

That quote comes from Amy Frascella, Chief Designer, Color & Materials, it has a real Union Jack look, doesn’t it?


A reader sent in some great real life Velar photos

A reader who was at the launch this week contacted me about posting his photos from the Velar launch.  Originally they were posted on the F-Pace forum here.  Thank you sir!


Range Rover Velar Photography Story Book (64MB PDF)


Click here to download the Range Rover Velar Photography Story Book, 64MB PDF – it’s a big one!

Apparently those ‘Magic’ Rotary Switches aren’t so magical in the USA…


DOT regulations probably don’t allow for magic, I assumed it was just hyperbole.

Range Rover Velar behind the scenes shot shows a Range Rover Steering Wheel Refresh

In one of the behind the scenes shots, we can see a steering wheel that’s not from a Velar or a Sport or an Evoque but it does look a lot like the current L405 Range Rover design with the new Velar controls…

They’re officially described as:

"The steering wheel features capacitive switches which benefit from situation-based options and even allow the driver to programme specific functions."


Original Image showing Touch Pro Duo in development