This is new, right? Official Land Rover iPhone Connect and Charge Dock VPLRV0119


Interesting (new?) accessory shown in the new Land Rover Discovery brochure.

They have an option for non-iPhones too:


Jaguar Land Rover’s Long Awaited InControl Apps Platform announced but still remains vaporware.


The announcements are great but that’s all they are right now.  No pictures, video, examples, just a bunch of text about what’s coming.  I can’t wait to see it, I’m sure it will be great but show us more! 

Here’s a PDF detailing some of the design ideas & inspiration from September 2013

And here’s the announcement from today – no pictures, no real examples just a lot of text about new features coming this year:

Jaguar Land Rover Announces The First Wave Of Apps For Its New InControl™ Apps Platform

  • Jaguar InControl™ Apps and Land Rover InControl™ Apps deliver integrated in-vehicle app connectivity for both Android and Apple smartphones
  • System transfers the app interface from the phone to the in-car infotainment touchscreen, and is upgradeable as new apps become available
  • InControl™ Apps available in new Jaguar and Land Rover models progressively from 2014

Jaguar Land Rover has announced the first wave of third party apps for its innovative new smartphone integration platform -  InControl™ Apps – which has been developed in conjunction with BOSCH SoftTec.

Jaguar Land Rover has worked closely with leading third party app developers to enable an initial suite of Android and iOS compatible applications that will greatly enhance the in-vehicle user experience for customers.

The platform will allow access to apps including: iHeart Radio; Inrix; Stitcher; Glympse; Sygic; Parkopedia; Hotelseeker; Cityseeker; Airmotion News; Winston and Mobile Day.

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2014 Range Rover Sport getting a real app & Hotspot, just not in the U.S. #NewRangeRoverSport

Land Rover does currently provide an app in the U.S. but it’s really nothing more that a digital owners manual.  For the 2014 Range Rover Sport, they’ve stepped it up a little.



Advanced Land Rover customer support features

The new Range Rover Sport offers a number of advanced new Land Rover customer support features, with a range of valuable services to enhance safety, convenience and security. The features, which utilise a telematics module and mobile SIM chip, plus the vehicle’s GPS locator, include:

  • Emergency Call – provides the ability to notify emergency services either automatically, in the event of a crash, or manually via an in-car button, with the current location to ensure an appropriate response. A trained operator will call through to the vehicle while emergency services are dispatched.
  • Land Rover Assist Call – in the event of a breakdown, an in-car button is provided to contact a trained Land Rover Assist operator, automatically providing the current location to ensure the optimal response time.
  • InControl App – provides a solution for Apple or Android smartphones enabling customers to locate their vehicle (and get directions back to their car), check fuel level and range, and see any alerts (e.g. Washer Fluid Low). Customers can also log all their journeys and have them automatically e-mailed to them, to enable company expenses to be completed. The App also allows customers to locate their preferred or nearest dealer, manage theft alerts or contact Land Rover Assist (if they are no longer with their vehicle).
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking – in the event of a suspected break-in to their vehicle, customers will automatically receive a notification. If the vehicle has been stolen, customers confirm this with Land Rover’s secure operating centre which will coordinate with local enforcement authorities to track, immobilise and recover the vehicle.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot – provides a high bandwidth Wi-Fi hotspot so passengers can use the internet on smartphones and tablets from a single data contract. The hotspot uses the antenna on the roof to deliver excellent connectivity.