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2015 Land Rover LR4 / Discovery brings more luxury & InControl – is this the last split branded Land Rover?

Whenever a vehicle generation is getting to the end it’s life there always seem to be a flourish of upgrades and additions that we hadn’t seen before.  It’s sad to see it go but the person buying this new year model should be very happy.

While this probably isn’t the last LR4, we’re going to be at the point soon where there won’t be any split branding between the US and the rest of the world, I for one can’t wait!


Striking Land Rover Features Bring Heightened Level Of Interior Luxury To The Discovery

Land Rover continues to celebrate 25 years of Discovery with the option for customers to add striking features from the XXV Special Edition anniversary model revealed earlier this year.  In-car technologies also receive a boost with the introduction of Land Rover InControl Apps into a number of key markets, whilst the 3.0-litre V6 Supercharged petrol engine maintains its promise to deliver fuel efficiency benefits.

These enhancements are available to order on the Discovery now with customer deliveries starting from September.

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Land Rover Discovery XXV Special Edition, it’s almost a Discovery Autobiography!


Land Rover Discovery XXV (3)Land Rover Discovery XXV (2)Land Rover Discovery XXV (4)Land Rover Discovery XXV (5)Land Rover Discovery XXV (6)Land Rover Discovery XXV (7)Land Rover Discovery XXV (1)2014 Land Rover Discovery 4 - 25th Anniversary (2)2014 Land Rover Discovery 4 - 25th Anniversary (3)2014 Land Rover Discovery 4 - 25th Anniversary (5)2014 Land Rover Discovery 4 - 25th Anniversary (4)

Land Rover’s iconic family SUV celebrates a quarter of a century milestone

  • XXV Special Edition commemorates 25 years of Discovery, offering distinctive visual style and premium interior with legendary capability
  • Over 1 million Discovery models sold worldwide since launch in 1989

Land Rover has unveiled a new Discovery XXV Special Edition as a celebration of the 25th anniversary year of the original launch of its versatile family SUV.


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14MY Family Picture Time, starting with the 2014 Land Rover Discovery

2014 Land Rover Discovery - Media Preview (16)

As previously discussed this a nice refresh for the aging Discovery.  This is the latest set of images, adding 20 more than we had before!

Click on through:


And now a little of my wonderful editorial, ha!

The Wade Sensing feature we’ve seen on the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport – interesting note – both of the Range Rovers have better wading depths than the Land Rover!

2014 Land Rover Discovery - Media Preview (1)


This is the one that just bothered me:

2014 Land Rover Discovery - Media Preview (2)

Why don’t they center the Terrain Response icons?


I’m sure this is from a big professional photo shoot but maybe use a can of compressed air next time to get rid of some of that white dust settled into the controls.


And in the bottom right corner, maybe some blue wiring insulation?


Land Rover shows off some more pictures of the 2014 Land Rover Discovery with Black Design Pack and more


Land Rover Discovery with Black Design Pack


Land Rover Discovery S


Land Rover Discovery SE


Land Rover Discovery HSE


Here we can see the new engine badge on the front door:


And yes, the rear seat cooler box:


Click through for the rest of the gallery:


UK Market gets to see what 2014 brings for the Land Rover Discovery 4



My comments before the real PR below – I like what they did with the exterior updates on the 2014 Discovery.  It’s little details and tweaks that really push the Discovery (LR4) forward.  And Land Rover is doing a great job in pushing the latest tech across their entire updated vehicle line.  It’s a real win for any Land Rover consumer, here’s a quote from below:

“To align the 2014 Discovery with other Range Rover vehicles…”  They actually call out the Range Rover like that, it’s good for the Land Rover buyer.

Only complaint is the single-speed gearbox now offered, I get why I just don’t like it.

The DISCOVERY hood badging is a nice addition, I wonder if this points to a possible rename in the US market back to Discovery, I guess we’ll find out soon…

On to the official text:



· Exterior refresh with distinctive new face and new ‘Discovery’ badging

· New highly efficient 340PS 3.0 V6 S/C petrol engine replaces 5.0 V8

· Intelligent Stop-Start improves fuel economy and reduces emissions

· New optional single-speed transfer box for revised four-wheel drive powertrain

· Eight-speed ZF automatic transmission for all models

· Upgraded models available to order now with deliveries from mid-November (UK.)



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