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A very verbose, slightly bombastic description of the 2018 Range Rover & Range Rover Sport Animated Turn Signals…

Someone put a lot of thought into describing the new animated functionality of the turn signals in the owner’s manual for the updated 2018 Range Rover & Range Rover Sport.  This is kind of a repost but the wording was so thorough I couldn’t resist.


The animated turn signal feature is in place to improve the turn signal function by a sequential activation of their light sources. This is achieved by switching on consecutive segments of lights from inboard to outboard and during a defined period of time, creating a sweeping effect. Only lights with LED are able to reproduce any dynamic effect.

🆗⬇️⬇️🆗🆗⬅️⬅️ Konami Cheat Code or How to display map instead of gauges for 2017 Range Rover?

One of the cool new features Range Rover received for 2017 is the ability to show the navigation maps in the (previously single function) digital gauge cluster.

Only downside – you have to manually activate it through the gauge cluster menu each time you want to see it, hence the Konami-esque “cheat code”

From the left steering wheel control:

🆗⬇⬇🆗🆗⬅ ⬅


OK, Down, Down, OK, OK, Left, Left

This is some crazy sh*t – Discovery Vision Concept’s Transparent Hood(Bonnet) Technology! #ReadyToDiscover

I usually find a lot of this concept tech to be over the top but for some reason I actually believe we could see something like this trickle down to the actual vehicles.  Land Rover’s really staying on top of their game and pushing the technology forward with more than just apps.  Full official PR at the bottom of the post.

LR_Discovery_Vision_Concept_Technology_Teaser_090414_01 (1)

In the image below, it almost looks like an odd reflection but that’s the live image of what’s happening literally under the hood.  Also, a look at a Land Rover HUD that we’re going hopefully soon in the Range Rover Sport.

Discovery Vision Concept_Technology 1


· Land Rover Concept vehicle features “Transparent Hood” virtual imaging technology which is designed as an aid in off-road driving and tight spaces

· Using camera images projected onto a full width heads up display at the bottom of the windshield, this technology provides visibility of what is underneath and directly front of the car, with visualizations of otherwise hidden obstacles

· The “Transparent Hood” technology is part of a suite of new concept technologies which will be showcased in the Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept car at the 2014 New York International Auto Show

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