The 2014 Range Rover Sport gets a retro ad too. #MustReallyBeARangeRoverNow


2013 Range Rover Print Advertisements circa 1990 #RangeRover

After a little bit of very rough Photoshop’ing – here’s a little inspiration for Land Rover.  The current ad is a waste – is Terrain Response 2 really going to sell a new Range Rover.  It’s an awesome feature but GET CLEVER; you can do so much better!!



2013 Range Rover Print Ad–forgot about this one.

I forgot I found this one months ago.  It was in a US magazine but was from Land Rover Canada.

I did like this one.


LR2 / Freelander 2 Claynation

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a neat commercial from the UK.  The video below links to all the other parts, just click on the one you want to see.


And be sure to check out the Land Rover UK YouTube channel, they seem to post something new & unique quite often – subscribe!

Assorted Land Rover Series Documents–Roverseas Delivery, Price Lists, etc…

1970 Roverseas Delivery Plan - Front Page1970 Roverseas Delivery Plan - Back Page

Land-Rover Price List - USA 1962 - FrontLand-Rover Price List - USA 1962 - Back[3]

Land Rover Colour Guide - October 1971 - OutsideLand Rover Colour Guide - October 1971 - Swatches