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CNET UK tells us slightly more of the RSE Touch Screen

So we discovered and posted what I believe were the first pics online of the new Rear Seat Entertainment Touch Screen Controller yesterday – the real press who already knew about it are now starting to post.  Here’s CNET UK’s take on it with some new small bits of info

CNET UK (http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/cars/range-rover-2011-review-49306144/#):1233

A bespoke touch-sensitive remote control unit has been developed specifically for the Range Rover. The 64mm (2.5-inch) display, which uses resistive touch technology, allows you to choose video and audio sources independently for each display. It’s extremely clever, but we won’t go as far as to say it’s perfect. It doesn’t show you artist, playlist or video information and its graphical user interface takes some getting used to. We’re not complaining though — it beats the hell out of standard rear-seat remotes, so well done Land Rover.

2010 LR4 – Rock Crawl in action

2010 Range Rover – Rear Seat Entertainment – Front Supervisor Screen

I never realized how controllable the RSE system is, you can select the source and send it to the appropriate screen and even mix and match the audio & video sources indivdually – this is the front Supervisor screen which has full control over what the people in the back are seeing, if you lock a setting in here, the rear remote control cannot bypass that setting.


2010 Range Rover – Front Screen DVD Controls

Although this screen is only good while the car is in Park , the new layout is interesting.  While this is graphically better then the current version, I wonder how many of the current annoyances made it through?


And just an FYI with regard to how to get the video to play on the front screen – direct from the owner’s manual:

DVD selection
DVD programmes can be viewed on the front screen while the vehicle is stationary. The park brake must be engaged and Neutral selected.  Alternatively set the transmission in Park position. As soon as one of these conditions change the view will revert to a non DVD screen. A speed inhibit feature will disable the DVD preview display at a factory set speed.