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Land Rover Click and Go


This has been around since the Land Rover Discovery announcement but I hadn’t had a chance to really check it out.  Then it was mentioned in the new Range Rover Brochure.  Seems like a really great idea and somewhat universal solution.  You buy the base and then add the attachments you need.

Land Rover Click and Go

Click and Go – Base $41.26
The Click and Go range is a multi-purpose seat–back system for second row passengers. The versatile Click and Go Base fixes between the headrest mountings and further attachments can be added to hold tablets, at multiple angles, bags and shirts or jackets. Each attachment is sold separately. The base can be easily removed when not in use.


Click and Hang – $98.56
This removable coat hanger allows shirts or jackets to be kept crease free whilst transporting.
10/06/2016  V7

Click and Hook – $57.30

 11/04 - 12:20 - v4


Click and Play – iPad® 2 – 4 – $192.54
Click and Play – iPad® Air- $192.54
Click and Play – iPad® Mini- $192.54
Click and Play – Samsung 10.1"- $192.54

11/04 - 12:20 - v4

Click and Work $132.00

This folding table offers the rear passengers a practical surface from which to work. It also has a cupholder and is height and angle adjustable for in-cabin comfort.

11/04 - 12:20 - v4

Recently issued Land Rover patent shows LEDs in the grill

Recently issued patent (D794517) shows a grill with vertical LED light strips, further it can illuminate one horizontal line at a time.

Have we seen this yet?



Be sure to take advantage of free Land Rover ICTP quarterly map updates, latest added red light camera alerts on Long Island for me


Two audible beeps before getting to intersection and if in Navigation, camera icons appear on maps and text message displayed in right pane.

Again right in front of our eyes – Range Rover Velar interior explained via Jaguar I-PACE

Three column display for InControl Touch Pro Next; below left is the I-PACE concept and right is from the Range Rove Velar teaser.  Broad strokes but obviously where they’re going.


The I-PACE "flightdeck" graphic also informs on some Velar guesses


Capacitive Switches; hidden-until-lit controls that do have haptic feedback when pressed.


Lower Touchscreen for climate and more:


Hey Land Rover, is it OWNER’S, OWNERS’ or OWNERS?


Can someone please grammatically advise – is it:




While checking out the awesome new Land Rover iGuide app, I noticed that Land Rover writes it three different ways…  Image above shows it from new app, Land Rover website that features the app (but oddly doesn’t link to it) and the Land Rover official manuals website.