Why did we have to wait for AI-powered “Smart Settings” to automatically turn on the heated seats & steering wheel when it’s cold out?

2020 Range Rover Evoque in Studio (1)

So many other cars do this without “AI” – was it an IP issue?  And using the key to identify the driver, again is this AI?  Or just something that’s been around forever and ever?

Smart Settings
Designed to deliver a truly personalised experience and reduce driver distraction,
Smart Settings combines a number of features.
––Profile: The system automatically identifies each driver using their key and phone, and can
remember a number of settings saved to their profile. It can select your preferred seat and
mirror positions, as well as which media to play at the start of your journey.
––Learning: With the ‘Learning’ function, Smart Settings can also learn and automate your
preferences, based on your habits, past routines and the current temperature – including
whether you like a warm steering wheel or heated seats on a morning commute.

Maybe just check if it’s below 40 and do it?