I made some alternate images Land Rover USA could have used in their 2018 Range Rover social media post

The straightforward 2018 Range Rover:


The 2007 Range Rover – if they’re going to be wrong why not go with a classic


1970 Range Rover, because why not.


And my favorite, a Jaguar F-Pace, they were already wrong so why even make it the same vehicle?


Their version:


Does attention to detail in online marketing have any affect on attention to detail in manufacturing?

Today Land Rover USA’s social media team posted about the 2018 Range Rover’s arriving here in the US.  That’s great and it’ll be fun to see them on the road soon! 

Although the engine certification issues across the entire line are definitely slowing actual owner deliveries by at least a few weeks in the USA.

But I digress, the issue I have is with the postings.  Why isn’t Land Rover using people who are both knowledgeable and passionate about their products to know that’s not a picture of a 2018 Range Rover?  I’ve never even seen one in real life but seeing any of those pictures I instantly knew that wasn’t a brand new 2018.  With this being a refresh, one of the key items they’ve been touting are the new headlights.  The people posting this have no idea what they’re even posting about.

It’s sad.