Range Rover Velar steering wheel controls gain new finger sweep gesture


Focusing on the 1, 2 and 1,2 & 3 above:

  1. Volume up: Press to increase the volume for any source.
  2. Volume sweep: Finger sweep clockwise to increase, counter clockwise to decrease.
  3. Volume down: Press to decrease the volume for any source.

The 6 shown above is the Customizable button and can be configured to activate via either a long or short press.  It can be programmed to perform one of the following functions:

  1. Cancel guidance.
  2. Next source.
  3. Mute speaker.
  4. Play/pause.
  5. Voicemail.
  6. Mute microphone.
  7. Hold.
  8. Auto reject.
  9. Upper screen off.
  10. Traffic alerts.

**Obviously this is still the first go at the Velar manual, but there are inconsistencies.  The Phone screen says you have to scroll on the touchscreen but the audio screen says you can use the steering wheels controls to scroll call or contacts lists.