Range Rover Velar includes Biocidal Ionizer

The owner’s manual for the Range Rover Velar is live now and something caught my eye on the Front Climate page


Although the numbering ends at 17 above, the textual descriptions go to 18.  And and instead of 17 being Auto as shown above, they list 17 as:

17. Air ionization icon: Touch to activate air ionization. The mode can only be activated when air distribution to the face mode has been selected. Selection of AUTO mode will deactivate the air ionization mode.

Further they add note with a cool sounding description:

A biocidal product may be fitted to this vehicle. The biocidal product is contained within an air ionizer. The air ionizer purifies the air in the passenger compartment by suppressing bacteria. The active substance is free radicals generated in situ from the ambient air or water.

Just sounds cool – will this help stop some of the bad smells that come out of current Land Rover AC systems?

Is this the mysterious Biocidal button?  Pac-Man?