2016 January

InControl Touch Pro allows for switching between any media device, no more unplugging the iPod just to stream Bluetooth

Previous generations of the Land Rover system required you to physically unplug your iPod from the vehicle to then be able to enable Bluetooth Audio.

You can connect multiple devices simultaneously to the portable media interface and switch between them using the Touch screen.

InControl Touch Pro encourages using lossless compression and adds support for FLAC, WAV & More

As per the manual:

Note: The Media system will play MP3, WMA, WAV, AIFF, M4A, FLAC, AAC, AMR, LPCM and ALAC files. Other formats are available.  To maximize playback quality, it is recommended that lossless compression is used for any media files on USB. Failing this, it is recommended that compressed files utilize a minimum bitrate of 192 kb/s (a higher bitrate is strongly  recommended).

Does “state-of-the-art 3G connectivity” connection affect InControl Touch Pro Satellite View function?


The Connected Navigation of InControl Touch Pro will of course need a data connection for a lot of its functionality:

• Real Time traffic flow
• Fuel Price Service
• Parking Service
• Online Search
• Safety Cameras
Satellite views
• Street views
• Online routing
• Cloud Sync
• Door to Door Routing
• Sharing of ETA, places and destination.

But the interesting footnote was:

Note: If the Satellite View feature is used continuously, it may consume large amounts
of mobile data. You may need to check your data allowance is appropriately configured for
providing high data services.

I’m assuming they do a certain amount of caching and will take advantage of a Wi-Fi connection when available, but how well does the data flow to the car when using the “state-of-the-art 3G connectivity”?  How good is the compression?  How fast does it start to show the Satellite View?  Do they recommend not using Satellite View for most of a journey?  How much data is “large amounts”? 

And finally, what is Satellite View?

Two interesting InControl Touch Pro features–Smart Favorites & Connecting the car to Wi-Fi #slightlylessvapor

While not yet on any Land Rover on the road, we can look at the 2016 Jaguar XJ for hints of what’s to come for InControl Touch Pro.


Two items that caught my eye:


Satellite Radio now brings us the ability to have six Smart Favorite channels – the cool smart part: all six channels are buffered simultaneously for up to an hour – meaning when you’re looking for a song, anything that’s played in the last hour on your six favorite channels will be available with a few taps.  One of the things the current systems actually does well is “Instant Replay” for Satellite Radio – this just expands on that.

UPDATE: Conflicting information – while functionality is the same, it’s possible that those six Smart Favorite channels only buffer 30 minutes while the station you’re actively listening to will buffer a full hour.


We knew the InControl Touch Pro would need internet connectivity but I had always assumed it only got it from the built-in “High Speed” OLD-FASHIONED (no quotes) 3G system.  Apparently the car will also connect to a hotspot to get online.  Makes sense, just hadn’t read that before


The search continues…

Landmark package for MY2016.5 Land Rover LR4 US Marketing Bulletin & Pictures

Land Rover Discovery Landmark (22)

US Marketing Bulletin (Thanks Mr. E) MPR15-27, 2016.5 MY LR4 – Mid Model Year Product Action and Landmark & Silver Editions:MPR15-27

Official UK PR, slightly different but close enough to US:

Land Rover Discovery Landmark (1)

  • Greater on-road presence with the addition of the Discovery Landmark and Graphite Special Editions
  • Distinctive exterior design features enhance fourth generation Land Rover Discovery
  • World-renowned all-terrain capability and versatility retained

Land Rover continues to broaden the appeal of the Discovery with the launch of two new special editions – the Landmark and the Graphite(Dependent on market; Wade Sensing and Discovery Graphite not available in US). New distinctive exterior design features to both editions enhance the design of the fourth generation Discovery, while unique interior touches to the Landmark bring more luxury and exclusivity.

These special editions give the Discovery even greater on-road presence than ever before. Available to order from the end of October, they will be seen on the roads from January 2016 onwards.

“The appeal of the Land Rover Discovery has just got even greater. We have launched two new special editions – the Landmark and Graphite, which offer the customer greater on-road presence and enhanced comfort to complement the Discovery’s existing versatility and capability attributes,” says Finbar McFall, Jaguar Land Rover Product Marketing Director.


The Discovery Landmark builds on the generous specification of the HSE derivative* with new interior and exterior features that offer the customer a more premium and unique look and feel to their Discovery.

Land Rover Discovery Landmark (15)Land Rover Discovery Landmark (12)

The exterior upgrade sees the addition of full length roof rails in a bright finish that highlight the familiar stepped roof design of the Discovery. Distinctive black fender vents, grille and mirror caps complement silver bonnet and tailgate badges, alongside Landmark badging to the side and rear to further distinguish this model. 20-inch 5-split spoke alloy wheels complete the design.

The Landmark is available in a limited range of five body colours, including Zanzibar which has been exclusively reserved for the Landmark edition and is not available on any other Discovery. The other four available body colours are Waitomo Grey, Santorini Black, Yulong White and Indus Silver.

Land Rover Discovery Landmark (17)

Enhancements to interior refinement come as standard inside the Landmark with the addition of Windsor Leather seats and the Extended Leather Pack throughout, furnishing the dashboard, door casings and fascia. The interior is purposefully limited to three colourways – Ebony, Almond and Tan. The latter is offered for the first time ever in a Discovery, with Tan Windsor Leather Seats complemented by Ebony door casings and fascia and a Straight Grained Walnut veneer trim finisher.

Additionally, the customer can choose from a selection of standard and optional steering wheels to complement the choice of veneer. This includes the Grand Black Lacquer or Straight Grained Walnut Wood & Leather steering wheel.

The Discovery Landmark starts from €64,950.


The Discovery Graphite builds on the success of the Black Pack and introduces a modern and distinctive look to the model range with striking finishes. A grey Graphite finish to the fender vents and grille, which also sports a gloss black and lighter grey frame, blend with existing grey highlights appointed to the door handles and the Discovery badging to the bonnet and tailgate. Exclusive to the Graphite is the 19-inch 7-split spoke alloy wheel in a high gloss dark grey as standard. The customer can choose between a spectrum of nine body colours and three interior colourways*.


Land Rover Discovery Landmark (39)Land Rover Discovery Landmark (24)

Land Rover Discovery Landmark (35)

The Discovery Graphite starts from €57,000.

Efficient technologies

The optional Land Rover InControl Apps* complements the Discovery’s existing infotainment system to provide the ultimate in-car connectivity. It brings the convenience, familiarity and original look and feel of compatible smartphone apps into the owner’s vehicle, which are displayed and controlled from the vehicle’s touchscreen. The customer can find parking spaces, stream their favourite music or simply locate the nearest hotel for that invaluable pit-stop.

The acclaimed Terrain Response® and Hill Descent Control drive technologies ensure optimal and responsive driving across any terrain as standard. Add in the choice of the single-speed transfer box or twin-speed – the latter offering high and low range for the most demanding off-road conditions, and optional Wade Sensing™* technology to alert the driver to deep water, and the Discovery is equipped to tackle whatever path the customer decides to travel.

The Discovery has been at the top of The Caravan Club judging panel’s list of capable towing vehicles consistently for the last nine years in the UK, recently scooping three top honours, including overall winner. To support the Discovery’s award-winning towing capacity of 3,500kg, Trailer Stability Assist is provided as standard to help hitch a trailer to the tow bar and the optional Tow Hitch Assist acts as an extra pair of eyes as the vehicle is maneuvered into position. Safety and security options – such as Blind Spot Monitoring, Closing Vehicle Sensing and Reverse Traffic Detection, offer the driver further assistance when out on the road.

A full 7-seater with stadium seating and 2,600-litre stowage capacity, the Discovery can be reconfigured and equipped to fit seamlessly into the changing lifestyle of its owner. Its versatile interior with variable seating and a range of essential hard-wearing and practical accessories, ensure everyone travels in premium class comfort without compromise. The split tailgate and height adjustable air suspension are an added bonus for easier loading and unloading.

The Land Rover Discovery continues to drive power and all-terrain capability with efficient diesel and petrol engine options when matched with fuel-stretching Stop/Start** technology and the refined ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.

For key petrol markets, the 3.0-litre V6 Supercharged generates 340PS@6,500rpm (250kW) with 450Nm of torque and combined CO2 emissions from 269g/km. Fuel consumption stands at 24.6mpg (11.5 l/100km).

The 211PS (155kW) 3.0-litre TDV6 remains the EU6 diesel engine entry level option, delivering 36.7mpg (7.7l/100km) and a CO2 figure from 203g/km on a combined cycle. The higher-powered 256PS (188kW) 3.0-litre SDV6 gives equivalent fuel consumption and CO2 figures.

The Land Rover Discovery retains its position as the ultimate vehicle for all-terrain capability and versatility, with over 1,160,000 retail sales and 225 international awards since its launch in 1989.