Does “state-of-the-art 3G connectivity” connection affect InControl Touch Pro Satellite View function?


The Connected Navigation of InControl Touch Pro will of course need a data connection for a lot of its functionality:

• Real Time traffic flow
• Fuel Price Service
• Parking Service
• Online Search
• Safety Cameras
Satellite views
• Street views
• Online routing
• Cloud Sync
• Door to Door Routing
• Sharing of ETA, places and destination.

But the interesting footnote was:

Note: If the Satellite View feature is used continuously, it may consume large amounts
of mobile data. You may need to check your data allowance is appropriately configured for
providing high data services.

I’m assuming they do a certain amount of caching and will take advantage of a Wi-Fi connection when available, but how well does the data flow to the car when using the “state-of-the-art 3G connectivity”?  How good is the compression?  How fast does it start to show the Satellite View?  Do they recommend not using Satellite View for most of a journey?  How much data is “large amounts”? 

And finally, what is Satellite View?