Two interesting InControl Touch Pro features–Smart Favorites & Connecting the car to Wi-Fi #slightlylessvapor

While not yet on any Land Rover on the road, we can look at the 2016 Jaguar XJ for hints of what’s to come for InControl Touch Pro.


Two items that caught my eye:


Satellite Radio now brings us the ability to have six Smart Favorite channels – the cool smart part: all six channels are buffered simultaneously for up to an hour – meaning when you’re looking for a song, anything that’s played in the last hour on your six favorite channels will be available with a few taps.  One of the things the current systems actually does well is “Instant Replay” for Satellite Radio – this just expands on that.

UPDATE: Conflicting information – while functionality is the same, it’s possible that those six Smart Favorite channels only buffer 30 minutes while the station you’re actively listening to will buffer a full hour.


We knew the InControl Touch Pro would need internet connectivity but I had always assumed it only got it from the built-in “High Speed” OLD-FASHIONED (no quotes) 3G system.  Apparently the car will also connect to a hotspot to get online.  Makes sense, just hadn’t read that before


The search continues…