Bosch SofTec mySPIN and the new Land Rover InControl system – anachronism no longer


A lot sooner than later we’re going to get a chance to see how Land Rover does when they finally bring their touch interface into 2014.  It’s going to be an exciting change for Land Rover owners who are used to being a cycle or two behind other luxury brands.  What was once overlooked in an eccentric British Land Rover way, has become a real anachronism.

Land Rover announced their integration of the Bosch SoftTech mySPIN system at CES in January 2014.  That announcement and a post by Stevek1173 over on got me on the trail to see what we could find.

The interface does look advanced and high-res, it seems to not have much lag but I’m sure all the demos are going to be as perfect as possible.  I also can’t seem to find video of an actual app being used from a smartphone.  All of that type of info is just animated.

One thing that shines through in all of their examples is that Land Rover is deeply involved.  As seen in the first image above, that demo takes place in a new Range Rover Sport.  In addition the video where that clip originates is in German but right at the end Land Rover InControl is clearly mentioned.

You can watch it here, sorry it’s not completely in English but oddly the parts in English are people talking about how they use mySPIN, I’m going to say they’re probably paid extras, ha.

Another still from the video, while this one isn’t exactly a Range Rover Sport (gas filler on wrong side), there’s no mistaking those Range Rover headlights and tail lights.


Another video, this one in English:

Another with practically all of the interior vehicle shots here are taken in a Range Rover Sport.

While we haven’t actually seen the InControl system “InAction”, these videos do give us an idea of what it will look like and how it will work.  This final video has the user interface on show:

Hope you enjoyed this and hoping even more that we’ll see it in a Range Rover in the next six months or so.

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