Range Rover LWB to add Side Window Blinds & an audio system to aide communication with the chauffer

Details are still sketchy but it appears side window blinds, also found in many competitors vehicles will be added to the Long Wheelbase version of the new Range Rover.  Not sure if we’ll see this in the SWB models.

They’ll operate with no added buttons – with the windows closed, another pull up on the switch will raise the blinds.

Similar to what you see here in the S-Class:

Also for the LWB, they’ve added what’s being called, Conversation Assist.  It’s described as:

Conversation assist enables the front and rear occupants to speak to each other, aided by the
vehicle’s Audio system.

Conversation assist offers 3 options:
• Off: Touch to switch the system On/Off.
• Low: Touch to select low volume.
• High: Touch to select high volume.

My question is this – How far back do you really sit in the LWB, it’s only 10” longer?!  I wonder if there’s some sort of partition?