For when every Range Rover model is supercharged but only one gets the badge…


For MY2014, all U.S. Range Rovers will have supercharged engines.  However the distinct Supercharged model still exists with the 510 bhp V8.

Will Land Rover rebadge that model?  Or just leave it as is?

Conversations like this might start to cause some confusion come September 2013:

  • Person 1: Just got my new Range Rover.
  • Person 2: Cool, is it Supercharged?
  • Person 1: Yeah, it’s great!
  • Person 2: It must really fly with those 510 bhp.
  • Person 1: But mine only has 340 bhp?
  • Person 2: Awkward.

While I’m not a fan of people falsely badging their cars, all 2014 Range Rover owners have the right to stick that Supercharged badge on their tailgate, no?

Haha, I’ve found my new bone to pick – someone has to look out for these V6 Range Rover drivers!

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